The Taksim Area is mainly framed by Istiklal Caddesi, where everything may happen from day to night. The side streets, districts, and neighborhoods surrounding Taksim, like Beyoglu, offer some of the most amazing bars and clubs in Istanbul.

Spend Your Night At A Bar Or Pub:

So you like music, dancing, and drinking. Well Taksim will give you all the best of places to choose from. Each bar in Taksim offers different design, different atmosphere.

Mojo Bar: opened in 1997, this bar has a funky live music scene featuring great local bands playing all kinds of Turkish music and covers. Whatever your mood is, rock, blues, or jazz, this is a good place to hang and have a wonderful night.

Nevi Bar: Nevi Bar has a rooftop terrace for amazing views, and it is popular amongst the younger crowd, here is a place where you can get cheap beer while partying with your friends.

360: in a beautiful 19th apartment building and a 360 view of the BosphorusSea of Marmara, and the Golden Horn, 360 offers an atmospheric interior and an excellent choice of restaurant and bar. You may dine and then enjoy the DJs, dancers, and performances that make this place a wonderful place for your nightlife party.

Babylon: this concert spot always presents a great selection of music from all across the world, ranging from Turkish local music to worldwide music. You can’t go wrong by checking this place. With its indie pop and rock acts gracing the stage and a hopping bar scene.

Kara Kedi: the name means “Black Cat”, which is an apartment for this mysterious bar that seems to change locations almost every season. Kara Kedi hosts live performances on weekend nights starting after 9 PM that often goes on until morning hours. Though the venue is constantly changing, the bar has a cozy feel and welcoming staff in addition to their amazing atmosphere. It is usually located somewhere off the Istiklal Street, keep on the lookout for its newest location. Or better, if you are in the mood for a fun quest, you may ask around on Istiklal.

MünferitA stylish bar with wood panels and mirrored walls, the place is known for its atmosphere, environment, and electronic music. The 1950s décor makes a warm and inviting space where you can start your evening with a cold meze. Be sure to try the Raki (which is the national alcoholic drink) as a shot or mixed into cocktail to get a powerful taste of the traditional anise based drink. If you stay long enough the owner may pass through and say his hellos while offering free shots.

Araf: Araf has a cheap beer and folky music, and resident band that entertains young student crowds. Hidden away at the top of a worn down building near the Nevizade Sokak, after you are through that long climb you will be rewarded with free-sprinted, gypsy music, or DJ that spins old school rock and roll. Thursday nights are guaranteed to be a bit less crowded than weekend nights. They usually play music from all over the world, so make sure to follow the band calendar.

Wander Around The Avenue At Night:

If you finished your night early and still have the power for a couple more hours, don’t hesitate to enjoy the street atmosphere at night where local artists and bands come to sing in the street and you may enjoy a calm walk through the street until Galata Tower.

The nightlife in Taksim is just magical, the atmosphere, the bars, the pubs, the nightclubs, the street artists, and many more. The place has a fascinating things to do during its night. The night in Taksim starts early and may go on until morning.