In today’s article I will escort you to the best belly dancing places in Istanbul to look around and having some fun and joy.

Sultana’s 1001 Nights Show:

It is a very famous dinner and belly dancing venue in Istanbul, it is located in Harbiye, Central Istanbul in Taksim. It is very authentic and friendly Ottoman venue experience. It has two halls with 230 and 120 seats capacity. Beside all of that they serve very excellent quality food with their amazing Turkish cuisine. They have customized menu as well. Beside all of that they have a private round-trip transportation and their reputation came from being expert for near 30 years in hosting international guests. The reservations mainly divided into two main categories, the first category is an advantage package with Alcohol which includes the show, food menu, unlimited local Alcohol and a return transportation home), on the other hand, they have another advantage package without Alcohol which serves the same but with unlimited no-alcohol drinks. They have special event like new year’s eves and private events. They can arrange summits, awards, ceremonies and corporate events as well. They declare to be one of the best places to offer excellent Turkish belly dancing courses in Istanbul. You can arrange and organize a private lesson for yourself or with a group to enjoy with your friends as well!

Hodjapasha Culture Center In Istanbul:

Hodjapasha Culture Center is Traditional Turkish dance and Whirling dervishes in a cultural center in a 15th century bath. It is located down town in Sirkeci close by Hagia Sofia Basilica and the Blue Mosque around 10 minutes walking from Sultan Ahmet Square. The place already is very cozy and traditional, before it was a large double bath or hammam (Turkish bath), for men and women separately, but now the interior makes a great ritual which feels like walking through the history of Istanbul. The men part of the hammam now becomes a hall with a circular glass dance floor and a musician stage. The ceiling is high and has a big dome above. Rhythm of the Dance Show is one of the three shows that Hodjapasha presents, Whirling DarvishesRhythm of the Dance Show and White Rose. This entertaining cultural dance is combined between traditional Turkish Dance with Belly Dance and Ottoman Harem Dances under a 360-degree visual effects. They have been already done more than 1200 shows since 2010 which gives them a great reputation. The show is presented on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The duration of the show is approximately 65 minutes. The sensational dance is combined with exotic belly dances and shown in the program. They added the visual effects to expose the dances in a magical way that you will never forget. It is worth to mention that the free beverages are served before the show and the photography in not allowed with a flash light. The other show which is the White Rose Show also combines belly dancing with the modern 360-degrees visual effects, but it is a bit different and it got its name from the Dutch Consul during the Tulip period in the 18th century. Private shows can be arranged as well In Istanbul crazy fun nightlife.

Turkey and Istanbul in specific have a lot of well-known and famous belly dancers including TV shows and YouTube videos, for example Didem is one of the Istanbul’s most amazing activities. It is also called “Oryantal” or “Dansöz” in Turkey. Dancers come across different backgrounds and get intense training to get to the level of great reputation. Belly dancing is a growing hobby for women and interestingly for men too! This great trend makes us extremely enthusiastic and happy and we would love to get more every time Istanbul is all about the fun and everything at every time.