It is not hard to find beaches or swimming pools where to swim in Istanbul. At the end the city is surrounded by seas and lakes.


Here are some of the most beautiful and fun beaches where you can swim in Istanbul:

Babylon Beach Soundgarden:

This beach is considered one of the most fun and intimate beaches in Istanbul. Surrounded by mountains and verdant greenery Babylon beach offers various activities for visitors such as volleyball, surfing, or sailing. You can also lay on the warm sand on a Sunday morning and get your body a little bit of tante.

Located in the Kilyos district, Babylon beach is considered one of the most unique beaches for young people and teenagers.

It is one hour far away from the heart of Istanbul, so it is better to get up early if you want to enjoy your time there.

Uzunya Beach:

Another beach that is located in Kilyos district, famous for its calm atmosphere and beautiful clear water. This beach is considered as a get away from traffic and noises of the city where you can spend relaxing time laying at the hidden sands between colorful trees and when you feel hungry, you can have a delicious fresh seafood with a drink.

Uzunya Beach is available everyday from 8 AM to 8 PM and it costs 30 Turkish Liras on weekdays and 45 Turkish Lira on Weekends.

True Blue Beach:

The True Blue Beach is the oldest beach in Istanbul where people go to have extreme fun dancing, swimming and getting some tante under the sunlight. This beach for its club where you can find a mediterrian restaurant that offer delicious food, especially seafood, you can also find a lavish swimming pool if you are not in the mood for beach, and last but not least you can find a bar that offer a wide range of cocktails.

True Blue Beach is located in Kadikoy district and it is open for visitors between 9 AM to 2 PM and it costs you 30 Turkish liras to enter during weekdays and 40 Turkish liras during weekends.

Burc Beach:

Probably the most famous one among beaches near Istanbul city. Thousands of people come every week to spend time at this lovely warm sands and cool air.

This beach is 1 KM long and is located on the Black sea which is famous for its clean water, soft sand, and the great activities happen on it such as football, volleyball, surfing, sailing, and many other activities that will you definitely enjoy.

Burc Beach is owned by Bogazici University, so if you are a student in the university or an alumni student you can enjoy a discount

Burc Beach welcomes visitors from 9 AM to 9.30 PM and costs 15 Turkish Lira during weekdays and 25 Turkish Lira during weekends.

Golden Beach:

This beach is the option for you if you are looking for a beachside holiday. You can enjoy the wooden boutiques and 5 stars hotels next to it that offer a mediterrian atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy the various activities happening everyday like diving, surfin, and many other activities

Do not miss the enchanting lake at the Golden Beach club, it is absolutely breathtaking.

The Golden Beach is located in Sariyer district and welcomes visitors from 8 Am to 8 Pm, it costs 25 Turkish Lira during weekdays and 35 Turkish Lira during Weekends.

Solar Beach:

Some say that it is the largest beach in Istanbul. In any case, it absolutely has the most various activities of all beaches.
At Solar Beach you can enjoy the party pool where you can swim with your partner while listening to music. And if you are not in a mood of partying, you can spend the time relaxing your body under sunlight, go to the beauty club, or surf some waves.

The Solar Beach is located in Sariye district, and welcomes visitors from 8 AM to 11 PM.

Spending time at this beah will cost you 25 Turkish Lira during weekdays and 40 Turkish Lira during weekends.