Football in Turkey is something that is really loved by everyone regardless of their age or sex. In fact, football in Turkey goes back to the 19th century when some Englishmen started to play it and at its beginning and during the Ottoman empire it was forbidden for Turks to play it because of unknown reason so only Englishmen, Greeks, and Armanian were allowed to play it. As the love of this game grown fast in Turk’s hearts it has outweighed the love for sultan and since then, the football has become officially allowed to be played and became more organized.

Now, Turkish people are crazy about football and Istanbul city is the city of the top three football clubs in the Country.

Besiktas jk:

Besiktas Jk club has been established in 1904 but started to gain greater success in the field of Football in 1911, the players and members of Besiktas JK used to wear Red and White shirts but later they decided to change to Black and White to recall the losses of the Balkan Wars.

The Black Eagles (as they are called locally) won Istanbul’s league champion for the first time in 1924 but unfortunately, they couldn’t make another win until the 1940s. Overall, the black eagles has won 13 Turkish titles and 8 Turkish cups since the official launching of Turkish professional league.

Their stadium is located right next to the Bosphorus and its name is Inonu Stadium, and it is known about Besiktas JK fans that they are crazy and flammable, it is not an advice to mess with one of them.

Fenerbahce sk:

Fenerbahce SK club was established in 1907 by local players from Kadikoy district and it is known to be “Turkish People’s Team” because since its establishment it has won many games over the teams that were formed by occupying foreigners.

This club has won many titles throughout the years, 19 super league titles, 6 Turkish cups, and 9 Turkish super Cups and since its establishment, the club has and still plays its games at its main stadium (Sukru Saracoglu Stadium) in Kadikoy district in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Here is a fact: unforgettable day in the Turkish Calendar is 23 Feb. 1934 when Fenerbahce played against Galatasary. It was the first football riots that istanbul has witnessed during the game between these two clubs, things went really violent. And from that time until now, the Fenerbahce VS Galatasary Derby is a hell of a day for Istanbul

Galatasaray sk:

The lions, and the best football club in the Turkish league. Galatasaray SK club was founded in 1905 by its first president Ali Sami Yen who happens to be also a student of Galatasaray Highschool that was established in 1481. Since it establishment, Galatasaray Sk club has been the most powerful club in among clubs in Turkish league and has a record of 68 trophies including 20 super league titles, 16 Turkish cups, 13 Turkish super cups but one of the most respected achievements of the lions is winning the UEFA club in 2000 without losing any of their games and the big win of UEFA super cup by beating the champion Real Madrid. Since them galatasaray could not repeat what it did but still the most respected club in Turkey because of it record whether in Turkish leagues or international leagues.

Istanbul basaksehir fk:

Unfortunately, this Club has been through a lot of hate and nobody actually likes it. IStanbul Basaksehir FK club was originally called Istanbul BB club which is owned by the municipality of Istanbul. It has started playing in the amateur league until they found themselves playing in the professional league in 1996 but the sad thing about this clubs is that the have no fans! Their main stadium can hold up to 82000 fans but it was never filled and always empty.

In 2014 the clubs was officially named Istanbul Basaksehir club and now its activities is done in its new Fatih Terim Stadium.

The best achievement of this club is 4th place in 2014- 2015 Super cup.

Of course, there are other district clubs like Anadoluhisari Idman Yurdu Club, Zeytinburnu club, Kucukcekmece Club, Sariyer club, and many other clubs that play in ameteure league and have really gifted players working hard to find their way toward professional career