Turkish Kebab:

This is one of the famous dishes in Turkey, it created many dishes from the main dish and served along many other food, the variety of this food is outstanding, you have the Adana Kebab, which is slightly spicy and juicy, the Urfa Kebab is the same as the Adana Kebab but it does not have any spicy taste, just sweet juicy taste of fresh meat.


This seen everywhere in Turkey, and each restaurant adds its own touch to it, it is cooked on a vertical rotating spit and seasoned before It put on the spit and left to cook slowly, later on, it is cut down to pieces and put in a sandwich alongside with a little bit of sauce. Eat the sandwich and enjoy this amazing meal.


This pastry based food is one of the most common and famous food in Turkey, it is based of cheese toppings and if you want you can add either chicken, meat, or a mixed of vegetables. it is commonly heated in a stone oven, it is a perfect meal for vegetarians.

The equivalent of the pide is the lahmacun it is a bit softer and leaner, it has a topping of ground meat, and it is very light on the stomach.

Turkish sweets and delights:

First on the list of the Turkish sweets is the Baklava, it is one of the best sugar filling after a big meal for people with sweet tooth, the baklava is commonly filled with nuts and covered with a sweet syrup and pistachios.

The Turkish Delight known in Turkish as Lokum, is the dessert you see everywhere you go, it is like jelly, sweet, soft, and sprinkled with powdered sugar, it has plenty of collection, the biscuit flavored, pomegranate flavored, coffee flavored, and many more.

Turkish Drinks:

The Turkish coffee is very famous for its dark brown color, and a bit of strong taste, the locals drink it on a daily basis to get their dose of caffeine, it is also used to predict the future of the drinker. After you finish drinking your coffee, flip the glass and wait for it to get cold, later, flip the cup again and have a local that is good with reading the coffee cup and have him or her tell you about your future events.

The Turkish tea on the other hand is very delicious and locals drink Turkish tea occasionally during many events, it is a way to calm your nerves, the tea is usually served in a Tulip shaped cups and it is served pretty hot, so be careful to not burn your fingers.

Enough talking about Turkish hot drinks and let’s talk about one of the drinks that makes you feel fresh and calm, the famous Ayran drink, the ayran is famous and the locals drink it a lot, it is recommended that you drink it during or after your meal since usually it is served with it, especially the Kebab, the mix between Ayran and Kebab is just outstanding.

Çiğ Köfte:

These spicy balls are a perfect option for vegetarians and people on diet, it is made of bulgur, onion, tomato, pepper, and some spices. All mixed together forming a dish like meat balls, and later, put in a taco like bread with lettuce and served cold.

The food in Turkey is huge in terms of collection, it has a variety of food for all people, and taste very delicious, don’t ever hesitate to try any dish in Turkey, you will feel pleased to do so.