In this post, you’ll discover fun things to do with your kids in Istanbul, including historical and tourist attractions, as well as museums with cultural and artistic value. 



You may engage in a variety of activities with your children when visiting Isfanbul (previously Vialand). There are many activities for the whole family as well as children’s entertainment. Your children will enjoy Isfanbul Amusement Park with young explorers who allow children to explore the world by seeing and strolling through the most famous attractions, as well as a small tower for children who are not afraid of heights, a delightful farm that reflects farm life with happy chickens, a safari tunnel, and many recreational activities that allow children to spend a different kind of day. 

Rahmi Koc Museum

The Rahmi Koç Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and exhibiting industrial and technical artifacts from all eras. Your children may study while having fun at the museum, which includes exhibits such as the Atatürk area, the highway and railway part, scientific equipment, models, and toys. You will find artifacts from the Ottoman era in this museum.

On the Nostalgic Fenerbahçe Ferry, which continues to exist in the Rahmi Koç Museum’s distinctive ambiance, children may have special birthday parties. The Rahmi Koç Museum, which ranks top among museums for children in Istanbul, is one of the finest places for your children to spend a memorable day. 


Wondera City of Games, which is situated in Aqua Florya and is the preferred destination for fans of little and big games, video games, and virtual reality games of all ages, combines enjoyment and comfort. There are a variety of gaming themes available, ranging from Sega games to ice hockey. One of Wondera’s most fascinating sections is the virtual reality area. With the assistance of virtual reality goggles, the venue provides a roller coaster experience for its visitors, as well as a unique physical and visual encounter. You will have a pleasant shopping experience at the Aqua Florya Shopping Center, as well as the opportunity for you and your children to participate in a unique and memorable gaming experience at Wondera Entertainment City. 

Istanbul Toy Museum

Sunay Akin, a poet and writer, founded the Toy Museum in 2005, and it houses some of the most beloved specimens of toy history dating back to the 1700s. Sunay Akn acquired toys from antique stores and auctions in more than 40 nations over the course of 20 years, and the museum is housed in a historical home on the Anatolian side. 

Many games that mimic truths we lived in past eras may be found in this museum, including a space games part that simulates the attempts to reach the moon, a railway games section that simulates the industrial revolution, and many more interesting sections.