Istanbul is a very big city and has a lot of seashores and lakes, which turns the people to be interested to consider fishing as a hobby or as a side job maybe. We all have seen the people in Eminönü while we are riding the tramway between Eminönü on our way to Sultan Ahmet Square or Beşiktaş. in this article we are going to help you finding where to fish in Istanbul.

Unkapanı & Galata Bridge

No matter what you call it now … Of course, this is the place of fishing rods we often see in Istanbul photos. Although the Galata Bridge is not very fertile in terms of fish, it may be necessary to start here ritually. This is one of the corners of Istanbul where you can feel the atmosphere of the historical peninsula and Istanbul. Sure, it’s too crowded now, but your job is with the sea. Come early and grab your seat. Don’t forget to have your Turkish breakfast with bagels and tea, and take some poses for the photographers!

Prices' Island

Around the islands, you can both relax your soul and experience the most enjoyable state of fishing. I will add that there are options such as stingrays and sharks that are not ordinary among the fish you will keep around the islands. Often you see the people standing in the island trying to hunt behind there fishes, or sometimes you can find the people on their yachts extending their fishing hooks to catch fishes and enjoy some valuable time with their friends or families in the amazing music and drinks ritual.

Kireçburnu - Yeniköy Lane

This line is ideal for both hiking, cycling and fishing. The crowd is small compared to the Bebek line. Long long hours of fishing are very enjoyable, especially if you’re established in a location that sees the two bridges … Especially Kireçburnu Leyla and Mecnun the famous series scenes that you will remind. In between, you can leave your fishing line and eat in the nearby parks or fish restaurants. In Yeniköy, you can choose La Boom for relaxation. Yeniköy is one of the rare districts that give you the feel of Istanbul and a completely different city.

Between Kuzguncuk & Kuleli

Kuzguncuk and Kuleli Military High School are offering you spectacular views up to the front of you Far away from the crowd of the city. Since the fish mostly like the sides of the ferry piers, you can also fish on all sides of the pier along this line. Fish lover I recommend Kuguncuk, one of the neighborhoods that can manage to stay in a city village in Istanbul. Both large spaces and parks if you have children, pleasant places await you when you want to have lunch such as the amazing Bridge restaurant which gives you the best view on the Marmara Sea. Don’t forget that 2014 Bluefish Festival is celebrated in Kuzguncuk. From Kuzguncuk to Kuleli Military High School, every place is suitable for fishing. Especially in front of Kuleli Military High School you can keep horse mackerel and scorpion fish every month of the year.

Avcılar - Ambarlı Coast

In fact, there is a coastal fishery starting from Yeşilköy. Avcılar-Ambarlı Coast is already a summer resort with best options beach side. It’s a little hot to make me say I’m south. It is possible to come across fish along the coast such as ispari, Kasibeyaz Florya, yusuf usta.

Along the coast of Ambarlı café bars, large parks in the region, even if one day gives a short holiday.


Karaköy is very popular with everything in the recent period. Even tourists first came to this neighborhood. Those streets, which we used to be afraid to cross, have turned into a social and activity area. There is also a very good beachfront for fishing. There are also many shops where you can find fishing gear. I think you take your hook, your fishing rod in the morning and take your fresh air here. The customs side of the Karaköy ferry pier, the area close to the customs is very fertile in terms of fish. According to the information we learned from the fishermen, there were plenty of Cinecops here.