Bridge Restaurant


Bridge Restaurant is situated at one of the most beautiful places of Istanbul, Nakkaştepe. They have been serving as a relaxing and organizational facility, embracing 5 different concepts; Ballroom, Café, Nakky Club, Sungate and Restaurant. It is perfect for group organizations. Its diverse menu has selections ranging from authentic Turkish cuisine to contemporary Turkish cuisineand it serves many authentic Turkish desserts and international desserts. It holds a magnificent view of the Bosphorusand Marmara Sea with Bosphorus Bridge.

Combined with Jewish district of Istanbul tour you will explore different textures of Istanbul. In this half-day tour, we will walk you through the colorful streets of Galata, Istanbul’s Jewish districts and inform you about Jewish community living in Istanbul and how their culture and Istanbul in general reciprocally shape the culture and living style. Jewish community has been living in parts of Istanbul for hundreds of years, and after Fatih the conqueror conquered Istanbul, he encouraged Jewish community to move here to repopulate and enrich the city. Most of these people settled near Galata, which is close to Golden Horn. This tour will allow you to take amazing pictures for you to put on social media and keep as memory. We will discover the Jewish synagogues, the Jewish museum, local Jewish houses and more in this tour, and our professional guides will narrate you the story of Abraham Kamondo and more. 
Bridge Restaurant is confident that their 5 facilities and wide culinary options will suit you and the organizations you’d like to host here. It is a remarkable, unforgettable place to celebrate special occasions, view of the Bosphorus and the Bosphorus Bridgeis just breathtaking!




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