In general, Cappadocia city is located in the middle of Turkey and its weather is known to be very cold in winter and cool in summer. It has a lot of ancient sites and natural heritages that go back to 1250 BC when Phrygians ruled the city.

Cappadocia cave dwellings

Cappadocia city is known to have a lot of caves that were formed a very long time ago, and you can find a lot of dwellings suited all over the place some of them are churches while others are entire whilst. You will be definitely amazed by the sophisticated architecture of these dwellings.


The most famous activity in Cappadocia is Balloon tours, both locals and foreigners literally from all over the world visit Cappadocia to get a balloon tour and fly and drift over the mountains and the central valley of Cappadocia, even if you are not a fan of heights you could still enjoy the beautiful view of colorful balloons flying in the sky. There are a lot of companies that run these balloons and all of them are really professional and trained well to control the balloon so do not worry, you are going to be fine just bring your camera and have

Fun with your partner, admitting your feelings or proposing would be great up in the sky..

Derinkuyu underground city

This city was formed during the Byzantine Empire’s era for the reason of people protection during the war between Byzantine and Araps. It is believed that this city was able to host 20 thousands people underground. When you go through its alleys, you will see many rooms, churches, and storing rooms.

This city was literally built inside the ground of Cappadocia and till the present day it is available for everyone as a proof of the sophisticated architecture that was dominant during Byzantine Empire’s era. Do not forget to bring a jacket with you if you are visiting in winter because it is really cold down there.

Rose valley

Probably one of the most beautiful natural scenes in the world, the Rose Valley is stony and extends really wide as far as your eyes can see. The beautiful shapes formed through thousands of years and the green trees between them result in a breathtaking view that you will never forget. If you want to have a more beautiful view, you can sit in the restaurant on top of the opposite hill and drink a Turkish coffee with your partner while watching the sunset then wait till the romantic lights turn on, forget about your job, grab your partner’s hand, and enjoy this charming view.

Fairy chimneys

Another wonder of Cappadocia city, these chimneys are incredible nature rocks that were formed by volcanic erosion and then shaped the wind and rain. The view is absolutely gorgeous, and spending time there taking some pictures is definitely worthy.

There are a lot of folk tales and stories about these chimneys that you can ask your tour guide about.

Gift shops

Just like other cities, there are a lot of gift shops in Cappadocia city where you can buy yourself or your beloved ones back home a gift or couple of gifts. You can find a lot of handmade items like postcards, infamous blue glass that is shaped like an eye, or silver jewelry. And they are not expensive actually compared to other cities and have a very good quality too.

Horse riding

You will probably ask yourself what is better than riding a horse in such a great area. In fact, you actually can because there are some companies that offer tourists a tour riding a horse, you will have the opportunity to go between beautiful sites on horse and if you think that you are professional, you are free to show the audience how horses can go fast. It is a cool experience you should try it.

At the end, there are two important things that you should take in consideration:

1- Do not forget to charge your camera because you are going to use it a lot.

2- If you are visiting in winter, bring a thick jacket with you. 

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