But is that what makes Istanbul an attractive city and one of the most visited cities in the world ?
Well, the beautiful sights, historical landmarks, and delicious food are some reasons of why istanbul is considered as one of the most famous cities in the world but there are a lot of fun activities that a person can do other than visiting places and taking pictures such playing at Via Land the famous amusement park in Turkey, or entering horror houses or quad biking. Actually, quad biking might be the best activity to do, you will live a great adventure that is full of adrenaline and excitement. Of course you are going to get dirt but still, the adventure worth it.

Quad biking is not a new thing in a city full of hights and mountains like istanbul. In fact, there are alot of quad biking agencies and companies that offer biking tours whether in istanbul or around it at the forests or mountains, and it is not that expensive and even if is, the great adventure you will live and exciting ride that you will have worth every single cent you spend on it.

You can always join a tour of biking between the high trees and mountains on the Asian side of Istanbul and we recommend you to join a tour if you are not used to drive quad bikes because it is dangerous to drive with them for amateurs, do not be fooled with their size, each one of these babies has a monster machine under the hood. If you do not feel comfortable with strangers in groups or you simply want to enjoy your time with your own friends you can rent a couple of quad bikes and live your own adventure in the streets, maybe create your own tour around Istanbul beautiful sights, or drive toward the Bosphuros to have a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants there. If you are not willing to pay a lot, you can drive to Eminonu Square and eat fresh fish sandwich.

If you want to add more excitement to your adventure you can rent the quad bikes for two days, buy a small grill and camping tools, buy fresh fish set up the tents with your friends at the forest on the Asian side of Istanbul. This forest is famous of camps spread all over the place and between the trees just try to keep your tents near the river to enjoy a perfect morning with a hot cup of coffee the weather there is amazing.

Is Quad Biking Available In Other Cities?

Of course, quad biking is available in nearly all cities. In fact, some people like quad biking in Cappadocia city more than they do in Istanbul because Cappadocia has the perfect environment for such an activity.

The city was built on mountains and rocks and considered one of the most unique cities in terms of geography and geological shapes. Actually, the first thing that comes to your mind when you visit Cappadocia and its colorful valley is quad biking, so do not hesitate or even think twice! Just get yourself ready for adrenaline and join a biking tour or rent a bike by yourself to live the most exciting adventure you ever lived in your entire life. You can also have a ride on one of the large balloons there to see the city from the sky and then finish your day in the famous restaurant on the top of the hill with your friends watching the most beautiful sunset you even seen in your life. Whatever you are planning to do in Cappadocia city, it is important to know that it is a cold city so make sure to bring a thick jacket with you because you are definitely going to use it.

At the end, istanbul is not just about historical places, museums, or cultural centers and of course you are not going to book a flight just to taste the Turkish food. Istanbul has a lot and a lot of fun activities to do, it does not matter if you are young or old, looking for adventures or just want to relax yourself in a nice place away from work pressures, Istanbul city is indeed the perfect choice for you.