Istanbul Music Festival:


The Istanbul Music Festival, organized every year by IKSV (Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts) is hosting many successful local and international musicians. It offers a unique music experience to the classical music audience especially with the historical texture of Istanbul. The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra, which has achieved many successes, on June 11th, holds an opening concert and then continues to experience music festival in many venues almost every day. if you want to travel in time, I recommend you to buy tickets to concerts in Hagia Irene. Because of the historical texture of the church, on the one hand, the soft warmth of June and the tremendous harmony of the rhythms… Don’t you want to listen to the inspiring history of Hagia Irene and tour Hagia Irene before the concert? I’m sure the pleasure you get from the concert will be double. However, both the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center, the Bosphorus University, which has one of  the most beautiful architecture of Istanbul, and the Galata Tower Square are among the venues hosting the festival. I strongly recommend that you check out the festival program.

Istanbul Chillout Festival:


The 14th Istanbul Chillout Festival, which is held this year, will give the electronic and house music listeners unique experiences. If you are one of those who love electronic music, this event, which takes place in Kilyos away from the crowds of Istanbul, is for you. I am sure that we will once again admire the wonderful view of Istanbul along the way to Kilyos and this calm face of Istanbul will surprise you. At first glance, it is clear that the festival area where that calm meets electronic music will give you unforgettable moments. Because the festival program is full of important names. For example, David August, who many people call him as electronic music’s 

Beethoven, is definitely worth listening to. Moreover, Blond: ish, Sebastien Leger, Nicola Cruz, Desert Dwellers, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Black Motion is another stage names. I am so sure that this quiet side of Istanbul, hidden but full of music, will be under the influence of the tremendous roads that you will pass on your way to Kilyos. I say that you should check the festival program. 

Rooftops Of Istanbul:

Istanbul means scenery. The view of Istanbul is best enjoyed in June. If you want to have alcohol, food, and music with you next to the rooftops are exactly for you. Hosted by another successful DJ every night, hosting music events and happy hours, these places are a must-visit. For instance, you can spend your whole night at Vogue Restaurant & Bar with a tremendous view. And even if you’re alone, you certainly don’t feel alone. Music, alcohol and unique views of Istanbul from rooftop accompany you. Moreover, you can also visit Veranda Pera Restaurant & Bar if you are around Taksim Square. I say don’t leave Istanbul without stopping at these places where alcohol, music, and entertainment meet with the spirit of Istanbul. And do not forget to take a picture. However has a restaurant list of Istanbul that you can check. You can search according to your specific criteria.

Museums Of Istanbul:


Istanbul is one of the cities where culture and art meet. It is, therefore, possible to find an exhibition, a museum and a gallery, which are always essential to visit. This city, which includes Middle Eastern and European culture, and the artists of this city are accompanied by many names from other countries. This cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul spreads to the art world.

I recommend you to go on a chronological program in your art trips just like in art history. Visiting the historical peninsula has a key role in understanding the culture and cultural history of the city. The Byzantine and the Ottoman cultures tour provides a journey of time with tremendous harmony for all these years. And the essence of this is a brief summary of Istanbul. See the iconography in the Hagia Sophia, the unique ambiance of the Blue Mosque, the sumptuous structure of the Topkapi Palace, the mystical atmosphere of the Basilica Cistern are the most important places to visit.

Now let’s come to how to tour modern art museums of Istanbul… Istanbul Modern is a modern art museum in the heart of the city. It is currently hosting an exhibition called ‘In Pursuit of the Present’Pera Museum also hosts an exhibition called ‘Replica of the Original’ throughout June. Sakip Sabanci Museum which is located in Emirgan is a must-visit with its unique view of Istanbul. You can also buy art-filled gifts for your loved ones from the museum shop. On the one hand, there is a wonderful exhibition in the Elgiz Museum in Maslak, ‘Is There Life On Earth?’ I say don’t leave Istanbul without visiting museums and exhibitions. Because of the art of Istanbul itself, art never ends in Istanbul.

Consequently, Istanbul is even more active as the weather gets hot. You will see that in June you will not be able to catch up with the energy of Istanbul.