Let’s discover train stations of istanbul:

Haydarpasa train station:

One of the most known and famous point of Kadıköy is Haydarpasa Train Station with its magnificent building and great history which witnessed so many important moment in the past and it still continues to being witness to important events ,situations etc.Haydarpasa was being stop point for millions of travellers during the history.Haydarpasa train station was designed and built by two German architects and it was opened for sevice on 19 May 1908.Increase in road transportation and air travel , Haydarpasa Station lost its former importance comparison to the past but it still remains its landmark on Kadıköy , Asian side of the Istanbul.Haydarpasa train station is not operating anymore due to the renovation of railroad tracks.There is a plan to convert Haydarpasa into a hotel or some other venue.

Sirkeci train station:

Are you ready to discover one of the most beautiful train station in Istanbul ? Sirkeci Train Station is located in the Europe side of Istanbul in the district of Eminönü, near to Topkapı Palace and Gulhane Park .One of the most important features of Sirkeci Train Station is that it was the first train station in the Europe side of Istanbul.For decades , Sirkeci train station was first stop for visitors of Istanbul . The train station still remains untouched from its original state which is conceived by the August Jasmund , a German architect . Sirkeci Train Station is a stunning example for Oriental-Gothic aesthetic . The terminal building was built by Ottomana Sultan Abdulhamit 2, then the building was opened with a glarous ceremony in 1890 in order to create link between Ottoman Empire with the rest of the World. What about use of Sirkeci Train Station now ? Inspite of the fact that the train station is no longer use right now because of the construction of a new underground Sirkeci station fort he Marmaray line which allow users to cross the Europe content to Asia content in minutes ,the building still remains its breathtaking sight. There is also a free museum dedicated to Turkish rail transport from another age.The little but attractive Railway museum offers its visitors to invaluable experince , visitors can see collection of interesting documents and object which represents historical train transport.

Bostanci train station:

Bostanci is one of the most important transportation point of Istanbul. It is 200 meter from the sea and located in the district of Asian side of Istanbul in Kadıköy.One of the biggest advantages of Bostanci Train Station is that it is really in a commercial area in which allows its visitors to reach other public transportation devices in a short time period.Bostancı station was originally built by the Ottoman Empire as a part of railway from Kadıköy to Izmit.It was opened in 22 september 1872.

Halkali train station:

Halkalı Train Station is the westernmost station on the Marmaray line and also in Istanbul.The station services not only regional trains which includes Edirne,Uzunköprüand Çerkezköy but also it serves international trains to Bucharest , Belgrade and Sofia.Halkalı Train Station was opened in 22 July 1872.

Florya train station:

Florya Train Station is a railway station in Bakırköy , Istanbul.The station was built in 1955.The difference of Florya Train Station is that this station allows its user to reach one of the most popular beach of Istanbul which is called Florya Beach. Florya train station is one of the stops of Marmaray which leads from Halkalı station to Gebze district of Kocaeli.

Kazlicesme train station:

Kazlıcesme railway station is located in Zeytinburnu Istanbul .It was opened in 4 December 1955 by the Turkish State Railways.

Yenikapi train station:

Yenikapi railway station is one of the most crowded transfer point of istanbul in terms of transportation.It is located in Yenikapı as it can be understood from its name.The station was built by the Oriental Railway which was taken over by the Turkish State Railways in 1937.Because of the rehabilitation of the Marmaray line Yenikapi was indefinitely closed on 19 March 2013 and then on 29 October 2013 the new underground Yenikapi railway station was opened along with the Marmaray tunnel .