If you are hungry right now, don’t look at the delicious pictures below.

Hamburger… The most preferred fast – food in the world. Everybody loves hamburger. So we searched for you, where you can have the best hamburgers in Istanbul. When you travel to Istanbul, don’t leave the city without eating delicious hamburgers.

Here Are The Best Hamburger Restaurants In Istanbul

Komşu Burger:

Komşu Burger is the place where you can have delicious 150 – 180 gr. burgers, cooked over charcoal, with French Fries or onion rings.

Address: Konaklar Mah. Akcam Sk. No. 17/H Levent

Mano Burger:

Mano Burger opened its doors in 2010 and now it has 5 more restaurants. With its concept, you can have your burger in style.

Address: Asmalımescit Mah. Asmalımescit Cad. No: 7 Beyoğlu

Virginia Angus:

two homemade hamburgers with beef and cucumbers on wooden background Copy space

Virginia Angus opened its first restaurant in Eminönü. With its delicious burgers, made a huge number of fans.

Address: Uzunçarşı Caddesi No: 136 Eminönü

Egg & Burger:

Egg & Burger opened its doors on the last days of 2009 and it has 36 different types of hamburgers.

Address: Muradiye Mah. Ahmet Fetgari Sk. 38/A Teşvikiye

Baltazar Burger Steakhouse:

Located in the city’s new trend area KaraköyBaltazar Burger Steakhouse, provides you delicious burgers cooked over charcoal. And the meats used in burgers come from a private farm, in Thrace.

Address: Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi No. 12/A Karaköy