In Europe and beyond, Istanbul and Turkey are a top option for obesity, weight reduction therapy, and Bariatric Surgery due to its cheap pricing, Excellent service in world-class Clinics, and access to world-class Doctors. Here you can learn about obesity, weight reduction therapy, and bariatric surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, as well as the prices, top best clinics, and doctors to choose from in this city. Istanbul is not only famous for its Bosphorus and attractions, but it is also the heart of medical tourism in Turkey!


Istanbul Weight Loss Surgery

Treatment and surgery for obesity in Istanbul or obesity-related weight loss is often known as Bariatric Surgery. For obese and overweight individuals, it involves gastrointestinal treatments to decrease the stomach’s food intake capacity or restrict nutrient absorption in order to achieve their optimum weight. Despite the fact that each patient’s bodily state is distinct, it is essential to decide each patient’s surgery and therapy separately. A doctor will choose techniques and operations based on the patient’s overall health, body mass index, and pre-existing medical conditions. 

Having A Gastric Bypass In Turkey

Bypassing a significant portion of the stomach, a very tiny portion of the stomach is left immediately behind the esophagus. It is then sutured and transported to the stomach region. Consequently, both the stomach capacity and some intestines are reduced. A better blood sugar control is also achieved in insulin-dependent diabetics with the help of the technique. 

In case you’re looking for the best bariatric surgeons or clinics in Istanbul, here’s our list of the best clinics and doctors. In Istanbul, we only recommend the top-rated and most-trusted clinics based on patient feedback. 

Having A Gastric Bypass In Turkey

Weight reduction surgery at Medipol Hospital is among the best in Turkey. The Morbid Obesity Endocrine Surgery Unit performs bariatric surgery with a 95 percent success rate. The center’s obesity treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary medical team. Among its members are a nutritionist, a surgeon, a cardiologist, a specialist in chest illnesses, and a physical therapist (if needed). For obese individuals with a BMI (body mass index) above 35, physicians at Medipol suggest a stomach reduction surgery.  Medipol is close to city center, near Kadikoy.

Anadolu Medical Center

Obesity surgery in Istanbul is the specialty of the Anadolu Weight Loss Surgery Department. Weight reduction surgery is performed at this institution, which is one of the finest facilities in Turkey for the procedure. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, and bypass procedures are all performed by surgeons. Dietologists provide a post-operative dietary regimen for each patient. It improves the surgical intervention’s efficacy. With foreign patients, Anadolu is the most popular clinic in Turkey. MTQUA, a worldwide organization that promotes health care quality, ranks it as one of the top 10 medical facilities for medical tourists in the world. 

Turkeyana Clinic

It was established in 2012, and it specializes in hair transplantation and plastic surgery. The team also offers cosmetic dentistry in Istanbul. There have been more than 15,300 hair transplants, 4,400 plastic surgery treatments, and 2,150 dental procedures. 90 percent of all cosmetic procedures at the clinic are successful, and 92 percent of patients are satisfied, according to clinic statistics.