Taksim Beyoğlu:

Taksim Square in Beyoğlu is the perfect place to pass your time at the weekend, the people gathered in Istiklal Avenue and start walking and shopping. In Istiklal Avenue, you can walk down to Galata Tower passing by all the big brands and shops. At the end of Istiklal Avenue, you will find the Galata Tower which is a very ancient amazing place to visit. There you can buy a ticket and climb the ancient tower which has a 360-view on the Bosphorus and the old town all at once. At the Galata Tower, they have a small café that serves tea, coffee, and pastry.

Rooftop Bar In Beşiktaş:

If you are considering some quality time in the breezy weather of Istanbul enjoing the view of Bosphorus as well all at the same time with some live music you need to head to Beşiktaş. In Beşiktaş try to find Sunset Grill & Bar, it is the place to go and it is located in Ulus Park. It is a very cozy place that has vibrant view of both Anatolian and European Bosporus. It has a colorful amazing versatile menu of Sushi which contains around 50 kinds of plates and snacks as well as many amazing mouth-watery dishes. The main food menu has many home-made quality foods among grilled chicken and more. Of course, we are talking about a bar so we must have a glance on the bar menu, the bar menu varies between and international kinds of bearsvodka and wine. It has many classic original cocktails mixed with rum and whiskey. As I mentioned it has a live DJ music starts every day at 18:00 o’clock.

Bagdat Avenue In Kadiköy:

What is Bagdat Avenue? Bagdat Avenue is a very valuable point in the Anatolian Side which is parallel and comparable to Taksim in Beyoğlu. It is considered as the second main avenue after Istiklal, so we have two continents and two main avenues. It looks like a big open-air mall because of its shopping stores and restaurants so you can shop, eat, and have a very amazing walk while having fun. Most of the stores are open all weekend which made a very good place to visit epically at the weekends. It is located near to Kadiköy and runs about 14 km, and the most important part of the avenue is the one-way avenue runs from Bostancı to Kızıltoprak which is 6km long, which runs in the district of Maltepe in Kadiköy almost parallel to the Sea of Marmara.

Belgrad Ormani (Belgrad Forest):

If you like the nature, well this is the place for you and I am very sure that you will like it so much. Belgrad Forest is a very big forest located in Istanbul around 45 km away from away beloved Taksim Sqaure. It is very recommended to spend the weekend there to do a picnic starting from the breakfast ending with the Barbeque treat. Prepare you tea thermos at home, pick some Borek from the Borekci and head there at the early morning hours of the day. First, you will find a 6 km walking way beneath the trees withing the fresh air, after the road ends, you will find a lot of tables and chairs deep under the trees so you might have your breakfast there. For the launch you have to prepared and you can start enjoying your time with your family or friends in the forest’s facilities. The children will have a very nice time too because the forest has a play ground where the children can play around safely. Consider this one and you won’t regret it.