Rumeli Hisari Iskele

Iskele’s ambience is as inspirational as the cuisine is consistently excellent, since it is located directly on the Bosphorus in an Ottoman-era boat dock in the shadows of a historic castle. Istanbul traditionalists visit this ageless fish restaurant because they believe the city’s culinary traditions remain protected inside these walls. Many of the waiters know their clients by name and whether they like their raki with or without ice. A dinner is divided into many stages, beginning with cold meze, then hot appetizers, and finally a seafood crescendo. This is a delightful Istanbul tradition. 


Spago Restaurant in Istanbul

Spago is a famous restaurant in the Nisantasi district, near to Taksim, where master chef Wolfgang Puck retains a cutting-edge position as a culinary powerhouse and fine dining leader. 

This rooftop restaurant and bar offers spectacular views of Macka Park and the Bosphorus, as well as a distinctive modern decor and a relaxed environment. Spago has an open patio that is available all year. Ambient music, specialty cocktails, high-end spirits, and exquisite champagne are available. This location is also a popular site for seeing celebrities in Istanbul. 

Giritli Restaurant

Because of the fixed-price menu, which includes endless glasses of local wine, raki, or beer, this beautiful but cozy seafood restaurant on a quiet corner in the Sultanahmet neighborhood is packed most evenings with both residents and visitors. However, the cuisine here, which is characteristic of the Turks who formerly resided on the island of Crete, is more than enough. The grilled octopus in olive oil is near-perfection, and the seafood and orzo salad, as well as the olives filled with walnuts and feta, are among the dozen or so appetizers served. Giritli’s garden is as lovely as any rooftop patio in the city throughout the summer. 

Nusr-et Restaurant in Istanbul

In the past decade, the Nusr-Et Steakhouse has become one of Istanbul’s most well-known and well-liked restaurants, earning great worldwide acclaim. This was partially due to Nusret’s obvious charisma, which led to his being dubbed “Salt Bae” on the internet for his signature cooking technique. His reputation, however, was mostly founded on the exceptional quality and flavor of his steaks and burgers. 

While millions of people have followed his culinary exploits on social media, only those who have had the delights of Istanbul’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse can testify to their exquisite tastes. The meals are precisely produced in a very specific cooking technique from high grade meat, with a menu focused on beef and lamb steaks and burgers. Nusr-Et, which began in Istanbul and now has restaurants all over the globe, is one of the most popular locations in the Grand Bazaar.