The time zone that Turkey is in is GMT+3 time zone. Therefore, Istanbul also uses this time zone. There is a time difference of 76 minutes between the westernmost and easternmost provinces of Turkey. Thus, there is a time difference between the western provinces of Istanbul and the eastern provinces. For example, while the local time is 12:00 in Istanbul, it is 12:47 in Iğdır (easternmost eastern province). Still, we continue our daily life at 12:00.

Differences Between Daylight Saving Time and Winter Time

Located between the 26-45 eastern meridians, Turkey uses the eastern meridian time. When daylight saving time is applied, the clocks are advanced one hour. Thus, the sun is used more, and the days become longer. Still, maximum efficiency cannot be obtained from daylight-saving time application in the winter season because the mornings are dark in the winter. This especially affects the children who have to go to school in the dark and the adults who go to work. But we should also note that with a decision taken in 2016, Turkey does not apply this anymore, and it uses a fixed hour yearlong. 

Sunrise and Sunset by Seasons

The sunrise and sunset times differ according to the seasons. For example, the sun rises at 08.08 in the morning and sets at 17.38 in the winter in Istanbul. If we talk about Istanbul again, the sun rises at 05.35 in summer and sets at 20.29. Based on this, we can say that the daytime hours are quite long for the visitors who will visit Istanbul in summer.

Time Zone of Istanbul Compared to Other Countries

Since daylight saving time is not implemented in Turkey, there is a time difference between Istanbul and European countries. For example, there is a time difference of 2 hours with Paris, 2 hours with Berlin, 3 hours with Madrid, 2 hours with Rome, and 1 hour with Helsinki. In addition, there are natural time differences with many intercontinental countries such as America, Australia, and Korea. There is a time zone difference of 8 hours with America, 8 hours with Australia, and 6 hours with Korea. This situation may cause visitors from such distant countries to encounter problems such as jetlag from time to time. 
The average time of flight from the USA to Turkey takes about 11 hours, and there are 8 hours of difference between the two countries, so you would be arriving in Istanbul at around 8 pm the local time of Istanbul. If you were to take off at 12 pm. The same calculation applies to any other country, be it England, France, or India. Hence, it would be best for everyone who would like to travel to Istanbul to adjust their sleep time beforehand. Countries that are also in the GMT+3 time zone, such as Russia, Eastern European countries, or countries in the Middle East, should have no hard time adjusting to the situation as it technically is the same or very close in terms of hours. It is also safe to say that one or two hours of difference would not make a huge difference if you live in a country that is GMT+2 or 1. The exhaustion of travel might help you fall asleep easier.

Frequently Asked Question

What GMT time is Istanbul?
Istanbul is situated in GMT +3
Is Turkey using GMT?
Yes, Turkey uses the GMT time zone.
Does Istanbul have 2 time-zones?
No, Istanbul has only one time zone.
What time zone does Turkey use?
Turkey uses UTC +3 Time zone.
Does Turkey use Daylight saving time?
No, Turkey does not use daylight saving time.