Venezia mega outlet:

It is one of the most fascinating malls in Istanbul, with its creative design inspired by the Italian city of Venice. It attracts many resident and tourists of Istanbul from around the world.

The project consists with more than 2000 apartments and many offices and a 4-star hotel, in addition to the number of shops that are there making it one of the most important shopping malls in the city. Where more than 200 shops for the most famous international brand, ranging from footwear, to causal clothes, to restaurants, local and international cafes, and many more.

Also the place provides an environment for kids to have fun and entertain, where there are many entertaining electrical games and many delights for their hearts.

You may also enjoy an amazing tour of one of the picturesque boats, which will take you on a different shopping trip.

The outlet is located in Gaziosmanpasa district on the European side of the city.

Mall of istanbul:

Mall of Istanbul has become one of the most promising tourist attractions in the city, and it is a meeting place for many Arab and foreign tourists, as it is one of the largest shopping malls in Turkey. Having the best and most important international and Turkish brands.

The mall opened in 2014, the design consists of 7 towers, inspired by Istanbul itself, where the project has 4 residential tower, an office tower, and a large building made for hotel units, and a huge shopping mall.

With 350 shops, the outlet offers you a new shopping experience. For entertainment, Mall of Istanbul has the largest indoor amusement park, with a horror house, and a huge race track and many other recreational facilities.

The largest cinema within a commercial complex in Turkey, Mall of Istanbul has 16 theaters with a capacity of 3050 seats, and all facilities are equipped with the highest of technical standards and fully serviced.

The complex is located in BasakSehir area, it is one of the most important areas of growth and urban development on the European side.

Zorlu center mall:

Zorlu Center Mall is one of the most luxurious and prestigious shopping malls in the city, having a selection of international brands as well as other European and Turkish brands. Zorlu Center Mall has a 2-storey Apple Store that includes the latest iPhones and laptops as well as a maintenance center for all devices.

The Mall is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the beautiful district of Besiktas, which is a popular tourist destination overlooking the Bosphorous.

In addition to the things mentioned above, your children will enjoy the mall’s theme park, which offers a large number of parks and fun games that make their hearts full of joy.

Also, the cinemas in Zorlu Center are among the most beautiful in Istanbul, you can watch the latest movies in 3D with Cinemaximum.

Zorlu Center food section are many and varied between many collections, including eastern and western cuisine, and some vegetarian restaurants for our veggies loving friends. You may also grab your favorite drink in one of the international cafes inside the mall or the outer yard of the mall.

Zorlu Center Mall has a theater where Turkish and international famous singers concerts are held throughout the year.

Istinye park mall:

Designed with a high degree of luxury making it one of the most famous malls of Turkey. Istinye Park located in Sariyer district on the European side of the city. It is one of the prestigious shopping centers in Istanbul. A 300 shops ranging from Turkish and European brands in a 4-storey building.

Istinye Park Mall also has many Turkish, Eastern and Western restaurants, in addition to cinemas, shops, and kids’ entertainment centers.

Istinye Park Mall has one of the famous restaurants around the world that many tourists are keen to visit, being one of the best steak and grilled restaurants, Nusr Et.

Istanbul is one of the most important and famous touristic destinations in the world for shopping, visited by many nationalities during the whole year. Istanbul markets attract tourists