Here Are Some Of The Most Luxurious And Unique Hotels In Istanbul:


Four Seasons Hotel At The Bosphorus:

The four seasons brand has a lot of hotels all around the world but this one is probably the most luxurious one among its hotels. Located beside the famous Dolmabahce Palace that was constructed as a home for the last sultans of Ottoman Empire, Four Seasons hotel has a big fancy terrace where you can sit and enjoy the gorgeous view of Bosphorus while drinking a delicious soft drink. The pool outdoors is large and perfect for a swim under the sunlight.

What is really great about this hotel is the Ottoman style rooms in the palace building that have handmade furniture and carpets in addition to marble bathrooms.
Rooms prices start from 270 Euro/Night

Pera Palace Hotel:

You will never find a more elegant, atmospheric, and full of luxurious antiques hotel like Pera Palace Hotel. It looks like it was constructed in the 1920s because of its old design building and the interior of old fancy antiques. The ground floor looks like a fancy museum with its isx glass domes and crystal chandeliers and marble walls.

This hotel is for people who admire eating and istanbul luxurious nightlife so if you are one of them, do not miss this hotel.

Another thing is important to mention is the luxurious spa which you will have the best experience at it.

Rooms prices start from 110 Euro.

Raffles Istanbul:

Unlike other traditional Turkey hotels, Ruffles Istanbul hotel is considered a reflection of modern Istanbul. The white and black tower is one of the most beautiful architectural pieces in Istanbul with its irregularly shaped balconies. Its interior looks like a modern gallery or museum of modern designs. And you will definitely feel the fancy hosting from the very first moment you enter.

The rooms in Ruffles hotel are big and have a comfortable design and colors which create a relaxing atmosphere for you. Of course, the hotel has a fancy spa and swimming pool to spend some time there after a long day of sites visiting around Istanbul city. The hotel is located in the Besiktas area and a night there will cost you a minimum 280 Euro.

Ajwan Hotel:

Located in the Sultanahmet area just 10 minutes walking from the famous Blue Mosque. This hotel has been redecorated and opened its doors to guests in 2017. What makes it special, is its interior that is designed according to Ottoman Style, literally every single antique in it is connected with the Ottoman Empire. The handmade carpets, the sofas, the beds, even the lamps are selected to create an amazing atmosphere of ancient ottoman luxurious style. For the exterior, the hotel looks like an old Ottoman palace. Of course, since it is a five star hotel you will enjoy the HD tv and floor heating with the silk carpets and other fancy services to make you feel more comfortable.

When it comes to facilities, Ajwan hotel has the best of it. You can have dinner in the restaurant on the 8th floor with your partner or lover and enjoy the breathtaking view of Marmara se and Princes islands not to mention the hotel’s library where you can spend some time away from the traffic of Istanbul city.

A night there will cost you about 200 USD, it is expensive but worth it.

The St. Regis Istanbul Hotel:

Located in Nisantasi neighborhood, the St.Regis Hotel offers 5 stars rooms that are decorated in an elegant modern way and 5 stars hotels services.

The hotel is full of paintings and sculptures that are made by Turkish artists which add a fancy modern touch to the general atmosphere.

When you are hungry, get to the roof and have lunch there while enjoying the beautiful view. But if you are bored for some reason, you can escape to the fancy spa where you can swim in the pool or get massaged by professional masseuse.

A night will cost you around 250 USD.