The wholesale markets in Istanbul are everywhere, varying between different and many products. In here we will talk about where to find wholesale markets depending on your choice.



Laleli is a wholesale district of Istanbul famous for its rich assortment. The quality of branded goods fit the high prices. There are products for every taste, women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes. People who go for wholesale goods say that even for 4-5 days it is impossible to bypass the whole territory. This market is convenient because usually in one big store all brands of clothes are collected. Also, the advantage of Laleli is delivery of all purchases goods to the hotel or hotel by cargo transportation service.

Osman Bey:

Osman Bey is a wholesale market where goods are cheaper to 2-3 Dollars than in Laleli but the range of goods is not so large. This market has a wide choice of men’s goods. Area advantage is that the shops are located on the streets, the entire range of men located on one street, women on the other and children on a separate street. For such wholesale buyers engaged in one or more firms. It is very profitable.


The area is a wholesale market with a large collection of men’s and children’s goods. Accessories and various products. In addition, mini production as textile plants and factories also located in this area. The area is near Zeytinburnu and it is easy to go there by metro or metro bus.


A famous area due to the production of outerwear and textiles. Assortment includes leather goods, sheepskin coatsfur coatsstreet clothing, and many more. There can be found the cheapest and the most expensive products. You may go to Zeytinburnu using the metro bus, or metro.

Spice Bazaar:

A short walk from famous the Grand Bazaar, the 17th century Eminonu Egyptian Spice Bazaar, open seven days a week, and is another favorite for souvenir-seeking tourists. A bustling gastronomic paradise since 1664, this is the best place to pick up dried fruits and nuts, spices, olives, Turkish Delight, oils, and essences of the finest order. Bronze curios glint in the sun, and the decadent scent of freshly ground Mehmet Efendi coffee merges with the aroma of fresh fish, with surprisingly non-toxic consequences.


A sprawling weekly affair in an ultra-conservative area, the enormous Fatih Çarşamba (Wednesdaymarket – flogging fruit and veg, eggs and cured meats, outrageous stilettos, gadgets, branded clothing and, well, everything at rock-bottom prices – is not a place for the faint-hearted. Disorganized and wholly unruly, relentless sellers on table-tops wade among overflowing wares, bellowing prices and bagging goods at the slightest sign of interest. Favored by locals, tourists are refreshingly absent, so keep the cameras under wraps, adopt a steely visage and don’t hold back from joining swarms of angry mothers raking through mountains of clothing, as these will, no matter how unlikely it seems, produce the occasional gem. Bags and loved ones should be kept close at all times.


A district of Istanbul best known for its black-and-white clad football team and fanatical supportersBeşiktaş hosts a weekly Saturday bazaar that is anything but two-tone. Refreshingly lacking in tourist tat, this multi-storey car park turned 2-storey treasure trove is fronted by an extravaganza of fresh foods pyramids of rosy tomatoes and mountains of cucumbers winding a path to the second floor, where you’ll find heaped factory seconds, dubiously patterned underwear sold by even more dubious vendors, and unusual jewels at irresistible prices. Look out for dazzling knuckleduster rings and every manner of tasseled, multicolored bohemian headgear. A small makeshift cafe offers some welcome respite out the back recuperate and return.


Attracting a mixture of locals and tourists alike, this vast Saturday fixture – a white mass stretching up the Marmara coast – pulls in the bargain-hunters with its range and quality of wares, flogged by international sellers from the Turkic-speaking nations and beyond. Designer shoes, quirky costume jewelry, unusual homeware, pyramids of exquisite organic produce, seek and you shall find. Among the chaos, women with beet-red faces, dressed in starchy white attire, roll dough with disconcerting vigor, slapping it on to sizzling pans with goat’s cheese and parsley to produce mouth-watering traditional Gözleme. The market rises and sets with the sun.

Atmosphere and service in Istanbul are conductive to shopping. The Turkish people are good at serving and the ability to bargain with them. They are more than happy to sell you the products you want at a reasonable price for the two sides.