One of the most important things you should know about Istanbul is that the city has natural beauties not found in any other city. Examples of this are the Bosphorus, nature parks, bays, rivers, waterfalls, and forests where wildlife continues inside the city. Istanbul is a very remarkable city in the international and national sense, connecting the continents of Asia and Europe. One of the main reasons for this is that the Bosphorus has a rather unusual nature and plays a vital role in Turkey's economy and communication with foreign countries. In addition, the city is influenced by different climates and geographical events that have occurred for centuries, and its natural structure is shaped accordingly.

The Bosphorus

The most common attractions you will come across while researching Istanbul will be the view of the Bosphorus, the bridges, and the ship trips organized here. The Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul is 32 km wide and protects the natural beauties it has harbored for centuries with its indented protruding structure. The fertile shores of the Bosphorus have been home to different states and nations for centuries, and various countries have often used the Bosphorus to cross to other countries. We think that this natural beauty is one of the correct centers to start discovering Istanbul.

There are many islands close to Istanbul, and you can make island trips by crossing the Bosphorus, especially in the summertime. These islands are Heybeliada, Buyukada, and Kınalıada, and have become one of the most attractive points of the city for many tourists. In addition to providing opportunities for crossing several places, the Bosphorus is also the center of attention due to the natural beauty and historical buildings it has around. If you want to explore Istanbul, one of the greatest choices you can make will be to go on a tour of the Bosphorus. 

The formation of the Bosphorus dates back many centuries, and this natural formation arose as a result of a fault depression. In terms of its geographical structure, its relatively narrow and sinuous structure is also noteworthy. Both sides of the Bosphorus are full of bays that you should stop by to discover Istanbul. Then you can get an idea of Istanbul's historical and natural features on a Bosphorus tour that you will do peacefully away from the crowds of the city.

Polonezkoy Nature Park

Polonezkoy Nature Park is one of the unique natural beauties of Istanbul and is the focus of wildlife tours. This forest, located in the Beykoz district, has been declared a Natural Park since 1994. During your visits to Istanbul, you can choose this park for a peaceful family walk after seeing the historical beauties of the city. Watching the fallen leaves while taking a pleasant walk in the forest, under the trees merging in the sky, will visually satisfy you.

After a walk with a spacious view in the Polonezkoy Nature park, you can also go down to the village and sip your tea with pleasure. It should be noted that it is vital for hiking to wear comfortable clothes because there are pretty long hiking trails in the nature park. If you don't want to return to Istanbul without a wildlife tour, this place is just for you with its view, charming atmosphere, and peaceful environment. After the nature tour, you can have breakfast in the restaurants close to the venue to continue discovering Istanbul and to have pleasant times as a family.

Waterfall Trail

We recommend the Waterfall Trail for nature lovers who don't want to return without a wildlife nature tour when they come to discover Istanbul. Located in Istanbul-Agva, this natural beauty has turned into a whole botanical garden while keeping up with the city's climate. The Waterfall Trail, which is recommended to visit especially in springtime, is one of the great areas that you will hear about Istanbul when it comes to nature. This trail is very rich in Waterfalls and river waters that will definitely fascinate you.

On this trail, you take a wildlife nature tour, choose this place for a picnic with your family, or relax with a beautiful view. You can bring food and drinks with you when you come for a walk on the trail, and you can have pleasant moments away from the city's crowds. The waterfalls that complement the green beauty of the trail are also a unique visual opportunity for photography enthusiasts. These small waterfalls, which you can reach by walking from the riverside, are remarkable natural monuments.

Istanbul Butterfly Farm

If you are wondering about the city's wildlife while you are coming to explore Istanbul, it is recommended to visit the Istanbul Butterfly Farm. This place will come across in the research you will do about Istanbul's nature. Istanbul Butterfly Farm is a unique place and natural beauty for wildlife tours you want to conduct as a family. Contrary to what you will hear about Istanbul, there are many natural environments and peaceful places where you can find peace in the city.

You can discover different kinds of butterflies in their natural environment, take unique photos, and take nature walks at this farm. 

Istanbul Butterfly Farm aims to touch, feed, and teach butterfly nature to its visitors. If you don't know where to start discovering Istanbul, but you want a peaceful environment, your first choice may be in favor of this farm. Butterflies' habitat on the farm is specially created in greenhouses and is intended for visitors to get acquainted with it. It will be an unforgettable experience to visit various animals in a greenhouse with a tropical climate created for butterflies in Istanbul.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a waterfall in Istanbul?
Yes. There is a waterfall trail in Istanbul.
Is Istanbul famous for its natural beauty?
Apart from its historical artifacts and tourist attractions, there are many natural beauties in Istanbul.
Where is Butterfly Farm in Istanbul?
It’s located in the Asian Side of Istanbul, in Beykoz.
What is the strait called in Istanbul?
The strait in Istanbul is called the Bosphorus strait.
Where Should I visit in Istanbul?
There are many historical sites and natural spots you can visit in Istanbul. You can find out the best spots to visit on our website!