The city has been a very important and vital place for trade throughout the past 3000 years and today, as Turkey has become a member of the G20 countries Itanbul city has grown even more on all aspects of trade, manufacture, and services. Thus, many foreign businessmen and international companies started to invest money in Istanbul and join the growth of this city.

A lot of options are suggested for an investor to invest in Istanbul, this is because of the high competitive open market and most of the businesses are still attractive to invest in.

Starting with Real Estate investing which is the most attractive field these days in Turkey generally and specifically in Istanbul city.  The real estate market statue in Istanbul is showing a big opportunity for investors and businessmen to make profits, because Istanbul is still growing and new districts and areas are being constructed every decade. In fact, when you visit Istanbul city you will notice how many new residential compounds, trade centers and buildings, shopping malls, and other facilities are being under construction. The real estate market in Istanbul is also more stable than other countries, only currency exchange rate can cause direct harm but also can cause extra profits.

Another good field is to invest in Tourism field, whether through a hotel, a tourism agency, or any other type of investments, the tourism field in Istanbul is absolutely on going active market that does not stop, even in worst case scenarios there are always lots of tourists and visitors you they key is to be professional at the service you provide and to be flexible. In fact, every year there are more than 10 million visitors to Istanbul only for the purpose of tourism and despite the increasing numbers of agencies and companies but still, the city can hold more companies this is because many tourism agencies open and close after a while due to lack of experience or bad service. Thus, if you want to invest in the tourism field in Istanbul you must have a team that is full of experience otherwise, you are going to struggle.

More options are available for investing money in Istanbul city. As an example, the technology field. Although Turkey is one of the G20 members and is really ahead in the world, the country was not counting on technology very much until the last couple of years,  when the Turkish government started to invest more than even in technology and companies started to invent what can be used for the sake of people can improve the services and infrastructure by using advanced technology. In fact, Turkey has been able to create the first electric sports car that is fully made in Turkey and actually can compete with many famous brands from Japan and Europe. Thus, investing in technology is absolutely going to be beneficial for an investor because the country has given the green light for businessmen and companies to come up with more technology based ideas.

Still, investing in the food industry, trading, logistics, or any other business in Istanbul will make you profits because of the nature of the market, Istanbul city consuming index is high enough to make every business worth it. All you need to do is research and study the market very well before stepping in.

Overall, businessmen, investors, international companies and any other person who would like to invest his money in Istanbul or in Turkey  are being motivated by the Turkish government through facilitating the process of investing, give support on taxes and raw materials for some businesses, and even invest with the investor to grow together.

In addition, the Turkish government has given the chance for investors to get the Turkish passport when investing with 500 thousands US Dollars, or buying a house of 250 thousands US Dollars, this will help the investor to make profits out of his investment and enjoy the rights of Turkish people just like any other Turkish person. A lot of people actually started to invest and buy houses after knowing about the support of Turkish government and the number is still growing, this is why we mentioned at the beginning that investing in the real estate field is absolutely profitable in Turkey and you can read that from the market itself.