Istanbul, Turkey’s largest metropolis, draws expats and international investment. The town is the country’s major financial, commercial, and industrial center, having a diverse economy. Automotive manufacturing and electronics may both provide excellent employment opportunities for expatriates searching for a new career. 

Istanbul, Turkey’s cultural capital, seems to be an excellent location for expats looking to live in Turkey. Istanbul is Turkey’s economic center, with a population of 17 million people and magnificent sights such as Hagia Sophia. The city draws visitors from all around the globe, particularly those seeking to work or invest in Turkey. Istanbul can claim vast infrastructure and a plethora of property development projects as a result of its rapidly increasing potential. Along with new infrastructural developments, public transit is growing. 

Because of the city’s economic possibilities, it is home to one of the world’s most important infrastructure development projects. The third bridge crossing the Bosphorus, which connects to the world’s third biggest airport (Istanbul Airport), has attracted even more real estate developments, ensuring the airport’s expansion in the future years. 

Expat Accommodation In Istanbul

The cost of living in Istanbul is extremely cheap when compared to other European cities, and there are numerous choices for both families and single expats. However, the quality of the flats varies from one neighborhood to the next. Some Anatolian neighborhoods, such as Kuzguncuk and Beylerbeyi, have historical significance. Furthermore, since these locations are near to the Bosporus, living in an apartment in one of these areas may be a great joy. 

Apartments in the city center may be rented for as low as 2,500 Turkish Liras per month. As you go closer to the shore, the prices tend to rise. A basic flat in Bebek or Kadikoy would set you back about 4,000 Turkish Liras. Flat rentals are greatest in işli and Beşiktaş. These typically start at 3000 liras and go up to 15000 liras. Consider the inner sections of işli and Mecidiyeköy for a low-cost flat, where rents vary from 2,000 to 4,000 liras. 

Working For Expats In Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s economic powerhouse, contributed for 40% of the country’s overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018. Without a doubt, Istanbul is Turkey’s most open and outward-looking metropolis. The city provides international professionals with a variety of attractive employment possibilities in a variety of industries. Here is some useful information on the economy and employment market in Istanbul

The labor market in Istanbul is highly accessible to foreigners. Sectors such as the media and arts industries’or, on the other end of the spectrum, the field of specialized finance’are usually keen to acquire foreign views and are receptive to working in English for excellent English-speakers. Foreign labor is constantly required in the tourist sector, and a strong command of English is always highly desired in a hotel or entertainment facility’s customer service. Otherwise, you would most likely be able to work in your original tongue at a local branch of a company headquartered in your own country. 

How To Get A Job In Istanbul

Before visiting Istanbul, it is preferable to contact a firm or someone from the business community. It is preferable to begin your search for relevant connections on LinkedIn. 

A professional network is usually the most useful resource for landing a job, regardless of the location or area you are relocating to. If you don’t currently have a local network, attending networking events like Meetups may greatly improve your chances of meeting the appropriate individuals.