Aragon Restaurant

At about 18:30, this restaurant in the Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus opens. It may become very busy later in the evening. The Dragon Restaurant’s chefs are Cantonese and Szechuan masters, and their Peking duck is only one of the delectable delicacies on offer. 


Dong Fang

Dong Fang is situated in the Cevahir Shopping Centre in işli and offers a renowned banquet service. Salads and a variety of delectable Chinese delicacies are on the menu. It’s in the shopping centre’s food court, so you can go with your friends and have other choices if some of them don’t want to eat Chinese cuisine. 

Kroren Restaurant

According to TripAdvisor, the restaurant has received the Travelers’ Choice Award, which is well earned considering the restaurant’s affordable pricing and excellent Chinese cuisine. I should point out that the menu is very diverse, including Uyghur food (Uyghurs are people living in China and having Turkic roots). The Kroren Restaurant’s patrons are mostly Chinese. 

Kroren Restaurant has a warm and welcoming ambiance that makes you want to stay in this modest and peaceful nook for longer than you intended. If you’re weary of the hustle and bustle of the city and the Laleli district, this is a great spot to go for a little respite, where you’ll also be given delicious and fulfilling cuisine. 

Little China Bebek

Chefs are changed every year at Little China, one of Bebek’s most gorgeous venues, with new chefs from their Beijing restaurant so that the food may be made according to Chinese taste. This restaurant reflects Bebek’s vibrant environment. Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and steamed ginger salmon are two of Little China’s specialties. 

Noodle House

In general, in addition to authentic Chinese meals, Noodle House offers Japanese, Filipino, Asian, and Korean cuisines, allowing you to sample the flavors of noodles from nations that are both near and far apart. Vegetarians may choose from a variety of vegetable-filled noodles that retain all of their vitamins due to the unique technique of cooking. 

The atmosphere at Noodle House is simple and unobtrusive, allowing you to focus on what matters most: the flavor of mouthwatering noodles. Furthermore, the rates are cheap – starting at 15 USD per person – and the staff is always willing to assist you in making your decision. Another benefit is that, despite its location in a tourist area, the restaurant is not too busy. 

Chinese Sushi Express

Although this restaurant is located outside of Istanbul’s city center, it is worth visiting if you are staying on the Pendik side. Sushi, in particular, is very addicting. If you don’t want to go to the restaurant, you may order takeout and have it brought to your hotel. You’ll find many amazing restaurants in the city, next to the beautiful attractions. If you are a fan of food, make sure you visit Kadikoy and Beyoglu for the best eating spots.