Unique Experience In A Metro Station

Another thing that would be a great experience during your trip is way more different than any other. Have you ever imagine a life without talking or hearing. During Dialogue in the Silence, you will meet your companion who is deaf as well. Once wearing a headset that prevents the voices around you,  you will learn lots of things which belongs to deaf people’s life. After this experience, when you turn to daily routine, you will understand many differences. If you want more of this, try the Dialogue in Dark Experience as well. It’s located in the first underground floor of the metro station in Gayrettepe. With this experience, you will be able to empathize with bilind people as well. These events have been presented in more than 41 countries throughout Europe, the America, Africa and Asia. Being a part of the visitors that created time for increasing awareness is quite unique.

Learning Turkish Paper Marbling

Turkish paper marbling, locally known name is Ebru, is a method of deisgn that produces patterns similar to marble. It’s a  traditional form of art from the Ottoman Empire. If you are interested in art, check out the Ebru Workshop in Istanbul. Learn the various techniques of this traditional art from experienced artists in Les Arts Turcs. You may see that the traditional Ottoman-era flowers are quite popular among the Ebru artists but all you need is your imagination to create your own designs. It’s a unique experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on in Istanbul.

Meet With The Streets Of Istanbul

Experience the abundant Jewish history in Istanbul by visiting Jewish quarters and synagogues. Walk around colorful streets of Galata, take great pictures while you’re walking. You can prefer the Jewish District & Pierre Loti Hill Tour for getting more information about the area. Its might be helpful to arrange the visits to historical synagogues, the Jewish Museum in Istanbul and Jewish Apartments. Head out to the Pierre Loti Hill where you will have a panoromic view of the Golden Horn. The name comes from Pierre Loti who was a French author of famous novel ”Aziyade”. When you climb to the hill, try the small tea house that has a perfect view. Many Turkish people enjoy spending time in this famous area. You will feel like a local for sure.

Enjoying Istanbul From Up Above

For adventurous visitors, Sapphire Observation Deck & Skyride 4D Simulation must be on the list for unique experiences. Sapphire Istanbul is located in Levent area which is considered as an upscale location with skyscrapers and shopping malls.  While you are on the observation deck, you won’t believe how big Istanbul is from above. Having a view from another perspective of Istanbul is quite extraordinary. That’s why don’t forget to snap some photos while you are enjoying the 360-degree views of the city. You can drink a coffee or have a dessert in the Vista Café on the viewing terrace. For increasing the adventure, you can try SkyRide 4D Helicopter Simulation. You can virtually visit some of the most famous spots of Istanbul.

Spend Quality Time Like An Ottoman Royalty

Visiting a Turkish traditional hamam is one of the most unusual experiences in Istanbul. Hamams are part of the ancient Turkish culture and they have been adapted and developed to include a variation of spa treatments. If you are looking for a more private hamam, Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus will give you the chance to spend luxurious hours just like an Ottoman royalty. Visitors who prefer a more local experience must visit the Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamamı which is built in the 16th century. The hamam gives service to women and men in different hours, so make sure you book a session before you decide to go. After enjoying the experienced hands of the washers, try a sherbet at the resting area before you leave.

Discover The Darkside Of Istanbul

Yedikule Fortress- Dungeons stands for the darkest face of Istanbul. It is the most dreadful dungeon in the history of Istanbul. Many people imprisoned at here at Roman Empire era and Ottoman Empire era. Also, it was used as a treasury and archive back in the history. In While Walking in the City Walls tour, you will go back in time in order to understand the origins of the place. For an eager tourist who wants to unveil the mysteries of Istanbul, Yedikule is one of the most interesting locations among all.