Robinson Crusoe 389 Bookshop:


It is the best bookstore of Istiklal and even Istanbul. The atmosphere of the store is quite admirable. Inside you can find many important works of domestic and foreign books.
The location itself is so inspiring and valuable in Beyoğlu at the middle of Istanbul. We can pick some books or novels and walk through the old Taksim till we arrive to the seashore at Karakoy to enjoy some fun read with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea.


If you are more into the beautiful Beşiktaş area you must walk through the Kabalcı bookshop. Among the stationary sections you can find the book shelves waiting for you to roam around in the same time by exploring the famous area which has everything you need in your 24/7 plus it is very vital on the coast beside the Bosphorus Bridge and a view on the coast of the Asian side in addition to the trips that launches from its ferry way to the princess islands and the cruises in the morning afternoon or evening.


Also while you are roaming around Taksim and the cozy Istaklal street, you pass near the Mephisto bookshop which is only a bookstore in the lower flood, but the upper floor is a café where you can enjoy a drink or eat while reading.

6:45 Dükkan:

One of Moda’s important publishers, well known to Asian side residents. I haven’t come across a bad book here yet. I say it’s good to go and see. I would also recommend while you arrive to Kadiköy area to pick up your book or novel and walk around the seashore or the old narrow streets in Kadiköy.

Simgura Bookshop:

Back again to Beyoğlu because why not right? Down to the istiklal you might notice a big entrance to a bookshop containing a huge column of books. The nice thing of that bookshop is it contains a separated section for old magazines. If you are more into history and the Ottoman Turkish Language you find another section for these books only.

Nezih Bookstore:

Let’s say that you are an armature reader who wants his/her child to start to pick up some books and read while having fun! Nezih bookstore is a nice place with such an amazing idea that appeal to children with its large toys and stationery sections. The large and comfy seats are ideal for spreading and browsing a book that interests you.
It is good to mention that it is located also in Beşiktaş.

Remzi Bookstore:

So, if we want to move further into the city, we might pass through Şişli in Mecidiyeköy. Remzi Bookstore, which sells the finest stationery materials of its time, is like a privilege. A bookstore that created a niche brand perception.

Stationary Little Man Bookstore:

If you are like me who likes calmer places, I might suggest Küçükçekmece near Küçükçekmece lake. A small bookstore who has tea coffee service and chairs to browse the books.
You may take a small walk to enjoy the fresh air at the lake also after picking up some books and novels.

Istanbul would never fail us the reader who like to enjoy reading a book in its cozy colorful places.