This unique city which is admired by its charming nature and the attractive atmosphere is also the symbol of dynamic and modern city life. Istanbul has a multicultural texture and a lively atmosphere that melts the past and future in a single pot which provides a sense of universal history at every step.

In Istanbul, each region has a different mystery and with its 2500 years of history, unique nature, vibrant nightlife, food, culture and many more features are waiting to be discovered. So now is the time to explore Istanbul.

Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Istanbul.

1. The City Of Four Empires

One of 10 reasons to visit Istanbul is the historical view of this city. Istanbul, the capital of four major empires such as the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire has a rich history at every direction. This legendary city, which has many buildings related to these civilizations, offers you too many options that can be seen in cultural and historical terms in your Istanbul travel.

2. Istanbul, Where Asia Meets Europe

Istanbul is a fascinating city offering a combination of two continents: Asia and Europe. You can cross the waters that separate Asia and Europe and enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus cruise tour.

3. Vibrant Nightlife In Istanbul

Istanbul has a very lively nightlife. There are many places to add entertainment to your night and most of them are located next to the Bosphorus. Pub Crawl Istanbul with its abundance of choices satisfies everybody’s taste of entertainment.

4. A City Full Of Amazing Landmarks

Despite the city’s age, thankfully many remains still exist in Istanbul. The most famous landmarks are Hagia Sophia tour, the house of the Ottoman Sultans: Topkapı Palace, with its blue ceramics: Sultanahmet Mosque trip, and the biggest covered bazaar; the Grand Bazaar.

5. Delicious Traditional Turkish Foods

In Istanbul, you can find the best Turkish foods that have delicious tastes. You should try traditional Turkish Food Tour with its delicious mezes, meat dishes, kebabs and of course desserts. Also, you can taste the delicious Fish and Chips street food.

6. Shopping In Istanbul

In your Istanbul visit, there are lots of malls that you can find everything you are looking for. Beside these malls, when you come to Istanbul you should visit district bazaars, shopping in Istanbul streets, and the touristic Grand Bazaar shopping tour and Spice Bazaar.

7. The Natural Beauty Of The City

Istanbul’s natural beauty also has breathtaking views. You can see the Bosphorus’ amazing view from a boat or you can enjoy nature on the Prince Islands. At, Istanbul city tours allow you to fully explore this fascinating city with different beauties at every step.

8. Be A Witness To The Ottoman’s Glorious Life

In Topkapi Palace tour, which has a dazzling architecture with its magnificent structure, you can witness the lives of the Ottoman Sultans and see their clothes and accessories. You can also experience every aspect of Ottoman architecture as you walk through the streets of Istanbul, which have a different history in every corner.

9. Traditional Turkish Bath

The baths, which were built for the purpose of physical and spiritual purification as well as personal hygiene in the old times still exist today. If you want to enjoy relaxation in a traditional atmosphere, Turkish Bath in Istanbul is one of the attractions that you must try. You can also have a relaxing massage in hammams.

10. And Of Course, Turkish Hospitality

Turkish people are well-known for their hospitality. They fear no sacrifice in order to entertain their guest in the best way, and they make every care and effort. For example, when you enter a shop, even if you are not a regular customer, you get offered tea or famous Turkish coffee.

These are the most powerful aspects of 10 reasons to visit Istanbul. From its deep-rooted history to its unique natural beauties, you will discover Istanbul that will surprise you at every step with 20 years of expertise and an experienced guide of and turn your Istanbul trip into an experience that will leave a mark in your memories.

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