One of the oldest meeting points; bars have always been marvelous places to socialize and kick off adventures. Here is a list of bars that have proven to be FUN!

1) Irish Time, Beyoğlu

Take a dictionary and look up the word ‘coziness’ in it. There you will see the Irish Time! Whether you are a social butterfly or a lone wolf, this bar/ Irish restaurant is a perfect place to spend an evening and make a toast to life!

Address: Mis Sokak No:6 Taksim Beyoğlu İstanbul

Telephone: +90-212 245 20 77

2) Ayi Pub, Moda

Ayı Pub has become a frequent destination for beer-lovers in a very short time with its amazing beer menu and beautiful decoration. There is more than one Ayı Pub and they are all lovely. I suggest you to start with the one in Moda – Kadıköy!

Address: Caferağa Mah. Moda Cd. No:60 Moda – İstanbul

Telephone: +90-216 418 44 76

3) Beer Point, Beşiktaş

If you like your drink with a sea view, Beer Point is your place. Located in a very central area, Beşiktaş, Beer Point offers delicious food and tasty drinks anytime you wish!

Address: Çırağan Caddesi Yalı Sokak 3, Beşiktaş Istanbul

Telephone: +90-212 227 0145

4) Sponge Pub, Levent

Perfect location for an after-work drink! Located in business center of Istanbul, Levent, Sponge Pub offers relaxing beverages and tasty food for lazy-to-cook-at-home white collars ????

Address: Büyükdere Cad. 138/D Levent/Istanbul

Telephone: +90-212 264 0381

5) Bigudi, Beyoğlu

Bigudi was originally a lesbian bar and used to host only female customers. Now, its doors are open to every person regardless of their sex/ sexual orientation. Either for having a drink or attending a wild party, Bigudi is a promising place for fun!

Address: Hüseyinağa Mh. Balo Sokak No:20 Beyoğlu İstanbul

Telephone: +90-555 835 1822

6) Bay Yengeç, Kadiköy

Cold beer, good food and humble prices! A perfect place to spend a night with your friends, your significant other or yourself! Don’t forget to bring some coins with you for the arcade games!

Address: Caferağa Mh. Sakızgülü Sok. No:10/A Kadıköy – İstanbul

Telephone: +90-216 244 0935

7) 360 Istanbul, Beyoğlu

After the humble bars mentioned above, it’s time to present a not-so-humble one: 360 Istanbul. 360 is a creme de la creme bar & restaurant that is named after its panoramic view of Istanbul. Don’t forget to try 360’s special recipes. You can even purchase some of the drinks for decorative purposes!

Address: Istiklal Street, Mısır Apartment 8th Floor No: 163 Beyoglu İstanbul

Telephone: +90-212 251 1042

8) Nublu, Beyoğlu

If you are looking for a trendy bar in Beyoğlu, Nublu is the right place! Enjoy a couple of drinks and live jazz performances. Simply beautiful.