You might be surprised, and you probably did not hear about that before but istanbul if full of libraries and research centers. In fact, Turkish people are good readers and you can notice that when using public transportation or sitting in cafes or tea houses. Thus, libraries are spread and available in every district in Istanbul or in Turkey and offer thousands of books, E-books, thesis, and articles.

Here are some of the most famous Libraries in Istanbul.

Salt Galata:


While walking in Beyoglu district Eating the fabulous Simit your eyes probably will fall on an old breathtaking building in Bankalar Street called Salt Galata. If you see it here is an advice, enter immediately.

Salt Galata for sure is one of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul, it was used to serve the Imperial Ottoman Bank but later it became a research library and archive. Also it has a galley, cafe, restaurant, a museum of old Banking notes that belongs to Imperial Ottoman Bank, and a bookstore that contains local and international books. An amazing place to visit.

Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library:

Located in NakkasTepe on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically at the main building of Vakko Fashion Center. It is a little bit far away from the heart of istanbul but totally worth it, the creative architecture of the library, the design and the atmosphere is soothing to the nerves. It contains hundreds of books and reading materials about fashion, art, design, architecture and films.

Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library is a place that you won’t regret spending time at.

Ataturk Library:

Ataturk Library was chosen as Turkey’s most famous and one if not the best library in Istanbul.

It was built in 1939 but moved to its current location in 1973 in Beyoglu district. What makes  it special is the 24/7 available service, the 500 thousands publications, and the research thesis. Ataturk library considered on of the richest libraries in Istanbul and largest magazines collections, it contains some old publications in Arabic, English, and Ottoman that go back to the Ottoman Empire period.

The walls are full with wide windows that allow you to sit, read, drink your Turkish coffee with a beautiful view of the Bosphorus.

Beyazit State Library:

Some claim that it is Turkey’s first Library. But everyone agrees that it was built in 1884 during the Ottoman Empire period, specifically during Sultan Abdulhamid the second ruling period do it is considered as a historical library in Istanbul.

The library has been open since its construction but lately, was in a restoration project and some modern details were added to the old spirit.

It contains some important and rare publications that go back to the Ottoman Empire period, some publications are written in Arabic, English, Persian, and Ottoman and some publications are reserved in small glass cabins.

Visiting Beyazit Library is more of a historical journey but you can also sit and read a book or study there.

The Central Library Of Istanbul University:

It is famous and well known of its green garden and big historical old buildings, and considered one of the most important libraries in Turkey because it has really rare publications that go back to the 15th century “ the century when Istanbul UNiversity was Established” and Translated to Turksih Language and other languages like Arabic, English and french. The library also considered an important source for thesis and research articles.

Not only Libraries are attractive places for books and reading fans, there is also the mighty Book market. It is not a place to sit and relax because it is always crowded but sure an attractive place for books lovers.

Sahaflar Çarşisi (Book Market):

It is an open Book Market, located in Beyazit square and has been in Service since the Beyzantine time and you can absolutely notice that from the very old place it operates at. This market contains different books from different topics and different countries and different languages, and it is not only to buy new books, you can actually find second hand books sellers if you are interested in saving a couple of dollars in your bucket. Once you enter this market you will definitely get lost in books and publications.

Some stores there also sell antiques and small gifts.

The book Market is a place where you find any kind of book you want and if not, you can ask the seller to bring it specially for you . it is a really amazing place that you should visit in Istanbul.