Istanbul is a city valued internationally, where locals and tourists show interest every period, combining the cultural values of different empires. The history of Istanbul as a significant city dates back many years, and it is known that the first settlement took place in the seventh century BC. After the Byzantine and Roman Empires, the Ottoman Emperor Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453. During the reign of three different empires, the city became an important cultural and commercial center, and substantial and fascinating historical monuments have survived today. Today, we will look at one of these commercial centers: Mimar Sinan Bazaar.

After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet tried to strengthen the commercial networks of the city and took steps to facilitate shopping in Istanbul. As a result, bazaars dating back to the old imperial periods, such as the Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar, and Mimar Sinan Bazaar, and the historical bazaar culture continued during the Ottoman period and has extended to the present day.

About Mimar Sinan Bazaar

Mimar Sinan Bazaar, one of the most accurate centers for discovering Istanbul, has various shopping centers and shops. Mimar Sinan Bazaar is an exciting and authentic place, especially for tourists who have come to visit Istanbul. It is also known as the bazaar of cheapness and is indispensable for locals who want to meet their daily needs. In Mimar Sinan Bazaar, various spices, textiles, souvenirs, cultural clothing, and household items are sold by artisans.

Shopping in Istanbul’s important historical bazaars, such as Mimar Sinan Bazaar, will offer you a fascinating experience. The culture of artisans in Turkey is quite different, and you will find that the artisans are very warm-blooded. 

Mimar Sinan Bazaar was designed and built as a bathhouse in 1583, primarily during the Ottoman Period. Built by the mother of the Third Murat, the Sultan of that time, this mosque was designed architecturally by the Architect Sinan. This architect, who was very famous in his era and indispensable for the sultans, actually named the bazaar bath after this work he built. In 1962, this place, built as a bathhouse, was restored and officially turned into a reborn historical bazaar. Although the Mimar Sinan Bazaar did not retain its function when it was first built, it has come to the present day to indicate that the Turks have taken care of their historical values.

Who is Mimar Sinan?

So, who is the Architect Sinan who gave his name to Mimar Sinan Bazaar, and what is his relation to the Üsküdar district? If you are interested in the historical places of Istanbul, you should first know that Mimar Sinan is a figure who has worked in many historical monuments. For example, in the Uskudar district of Istanbul, where the Mimar Sinan Bazaar is also located, a mosque is named after the famous architect Mihrimah Sultan. It would be best if you visited this mosque, which is very interesting for tourists and has an important place in history when you come to Üsküdar.

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul has been one of the shopping centers for residents and foreigners in Turkey since historical times. In particular, historical bazaars are one of the most attractive places for tourists in the city and sell tourist materials. Being one of the best places to discover Istanbul, these historical bazaars are located in almost every district and neighborhood. Suppose you are a shopping enthusiast and looking for places to visit for shopping in Istanbul. In that case, we can recommend historical bazaars such as Mimar Sinan Bazaar, but there are also many large and modern shopping centers in the city.

Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city where many cultures are intertwined, offers shopping alternatives for all budgets for both domestic and foreign tourists. You can visit several most suitable districts for shopping in Istanbul at your leisure, purchase your needs, and choose gifts for your loved ones. In addition, there are historical bazaars in the city and many historical passages and business inns. You will find many different options for shopping in these places, as well as it will be possible to have a different experience by examining the historical buildings of Istanbul.

The first major shopping center that comes to mind when shopping in Istanbul is the Grand Bazaar. If you want to visit authentic places to discover Istanbul, this should be one of your first stops. The Grand Bazaar is a historical building built in the fifteenth century and has been used for the same purpose until today. In addition, historical places such as Arasta Bazaar and Mimar Sinan Bazaar are other places you can visit for shopping in Istanbul. Especially Mimar Sinan Bazaar is one of the most popular and you should take your time and visit there

Frequently Asked Question

Why was Sinan important?
Mimar Sinan built many mosques and essential palaces in the Ottoman period.
Who was the most famous Ottoman architect?
Mimar Sinan
What did Sinan build?
His most notable work is Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamami and the Mosque of Selim
What is Ottoman architecture known for?
It is mainly known for its breathtaking colors and patterns, high structures, and symmetrical buildings.