1. Museums & Exhibitions


If you are visiting Istanbul during the months of fall and winter, the best option for family fun is visiting a child-friendly museum and exhibition. Founded by the wax sculptor Marie Tussaud first in London and then in many other cities around the world, Madame Tussauds Museum offers you and your children the chance to meet the stars! The replicas of famous actors and actresses, philosophers, soccer players, scientists and more will enchant your children!

2. Children Play Groups

If you want to expose your children to English and other languages early on, even while traveling, we have good news for you! Experienced trainers offer the Playgroup Toddler Program in English for kids ages between 2 to 3 years old. The program lasts for 3 hours a day, and the children are supervised by dedicated teachers while they learn to play, sing songs and keep themselves busy with arts and crafts, as well as to socialize with their peers. If you want to spend a few hours one on one with your partner, be it a romantic dinner or a fun concert, you can resort to these playgroups to take care of your children for a few hours.

3. Pools


What better way than swimming to refresh in Istanbul’s summer heat? Take your kids to Aqua Club Dolphin where they can swim, play with their peers, get on many different slides and absorb the necessary vitamin D and spend a great time in Istanbul! There are two pools, one is for families and the other is for children only. That means you can also enjoy the warm Turkish sun with your partner or your friends!

4. Outdoors

Visiting Istanbul’s famous sightseeing spots can be tiring with the hustle and bustle of the city. But fear not! Located next to the Belgrad Forest, that is considered as the lungs of Istanbul with plenty of fresh air, Xtrem Aventures gives you the necessary peace of mind away from the noisy streets of Istanbul. Here, at the safety of nature, you can be active, climbing trees and running up and down the hills. Xtrem Aventures is the best spot for family fun!

5. Theme Parks

The indoor family attraction center Sealife Istanbul and Legoland Discovery Center are both great options to experience in Istanbul with your children whether you want to build your own castle or observe the strange sea creatures! You can even touch a starfish at Sealife Istanbul! In addition, Jurassic Land, Europe’s biggest dinosaur themed park, is also a good choice.

Kidzmondo is another option that is like heaven for children of ages between 4 and 14. Kidzmondo is an indoor theme park that is designed like a city that is built and run by kids! Allowing children to experience up to 40 different professions ranging from police officer to beauty salon manager, or a hotelier and or an astronaut, Kidzmondo will be the new favorite spot of your juniors, stimulating their creativity. Last but not least, Isfanbul Theme Park opens the doors to a magical land taking your children on an unforgettable trip.

6. English Children Books Stores

If your junior is a bookworm, you are a lucky parent! Take them to the Pandora bookstore where there is a huge section of children books in English language. We guarantee your kid will adore here, and you will end up buying a few too many books that will keep your child busy on your Istanbul trip.

7. Game Centers

Many shopping malls have a game center, usually located on the same floor with cinema. We suggest checking out one of the biggest game centers in Istanbul at the Cevahir shopping mall. Located in Mecidiyeköy district, the Cevahir mall is only a few minutes on foot from the metro, metrobus and bus stops. While your children are having fun, you can catch up with the new fashion trends or look for some souvenirs at the mall!

Traveling with children is always more fun than going on your own. So, bring along your kids and let them experience Istanbul from early ages on. The city not only offers many child-friendly attractions, services and venues, but you will also quickly realize that the locals adore children! If you get the looks at your children either on the street or when you enter a venue, no need to feel worried, Turks love children.

We suggest getting the Istanbul Tourist Pass for a more pleasant and hassle-free trip as a family in Istanbul. The pass includes free entry to most of the child-friendly experiences mentioned above, offering you the peace of mind during your trip. Getting the pass is also more economical as a family, instead of buying tickets for these attractions one by one.

If you are interested in learning more on how to plan your family trip to Istanbul as efficient, convenient and economical as possible check out the Istanbul Family Combo and Istanbul Fun Combo offers.