A Typical Ottoman: Üsküdar

Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul

When you draw near the Bosphorus from the Kadıköy direction, the Maiden’s Tower salutes you before you reach Üsküdar. This legendary tower is situated 150-200 meters off the coast of the Salacak district of Üsküdar. It dates back to the Byzantine period. When you go towards the center of Üsküdar and look at the district from the sea, you see the Şemsipaşa Mosque, Ahmet Fountain III and then the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque. The Üsküdar district is an old residential area where you can come across fascinating examples of Ottoman architecture.

An Untouched Coastal Village: Kuzguncuk


When you move along the Üsküdar coast, you will arrive at the Kuzguncuk district. In this district -where people of different religions and cultures live together- you are likely see a church alongside a mosque. The splendid seaside mansions rising next to the pier belong to Fethi Pasha. The surrounds of the seaside mansion are known as the Fethi Pasha Woods.

Beylerbeyi, The Heaven Of Seaside Mansions

You must see Beylerbeyi, situated below the Anatolian pedestal of the Bosphorus Bridge, from the sea. This region, where every hue of violet and lilac is blended with green- particularly when redbuds blossom in the spring- is renowned for its seaside mansions. The Beylerbeyi Palace that sits splendidly on the coast, the Hamidievvel Mosque, Arif Bey Seaside Mansion and Debreli İsmail Pasha Seaside Mansion are exquisite.

Çengelköy With Its Cucumber And Tea Gardens

The Bosphorus Bridge is one of two suspension bridges spanning the Bosphorus strait, thus connecting Europe and Asia, Istanbul

One of the special districts located along the Bosphorus coast is undoubtedly Çengelköy. Renowned for its cucumber, the district is quite crowded, especially on weekends, with its tea gardens and fish restaurants on the coast. We highly recommend you to visit this fantastic district that also accommodates old wooden houses as well as seaside mansions.

Under The Splendor Of The Rumeli Fortress

Cruise ship with tourists and Rumelian Castle at the shore of the Bosphorus strait, European side, Istanbul

After passing through Bebek and Aşiyan, the Rumeli Fortress (Rumeli Hisarı) salutes you with its all majesty. The district that shares its name with the fortress is always vivacious with its fish restaurants and tea gardens on the coast, thanks to its proximity to the Boğaziçi University.

The Pearl Of The Bosphorus: Bebek


When you move towards the Black Sea from Arnavutköy, the Bebek district welcomes you. Even though palaces and villas were the standard once upon a time in Bebek, the district is now embellished with buildings of the present. First, a gorgeous stone building salutes you on the coast. This is the country house of the Egyptian Ambassador. Then you see the mosque bearing neo-classical features. On the hill rising between Bebek and Rumeli Fortress, you will see the Aşiyan Museum.

Another Special District Of The Bosphorus: Arnavutköy

Istanbul, the turkish city between Asia and Europe divided by bosphorus sea

Located between Kuruçeşme and Bebek, the Arnavutköy district was a coastal borough where Greeks settled in the past. Resembling an old fisher’s village with its pier and seaside mansions, lined up side by side like beads when looked from the sea; the district brings a different atmosphere to Bosphorus’s general mood with its Greek Church, Etzha Hayim Synagogue, and narrow streets with lots of stairs.

Enjoy it!