Get To Know More About Istanbul’s History

The history of Istanbul goes back to the Byzantine Empire to the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, every era left a remarkable mark in the city which attracts many people. The old city of Istanbul has many ancient monuments every one of them hides an amazing story behind its walls.

Topkapi Palace & Sultanahmet:


The Topkapi Palace is one of the most important sites in Istanbul to visit, it is one of the relics left by the Ottoman Empire, known for its historical, architectural and cultural importance, Sultanahmet is one of the many famous buildings around the city, once a church, then a mosque, and now a museum, it displays the relics of the Ottoman Empire, it has six minarets mark the Blue Mosque, while walkways wind underground at the Basilica Cistern, which once supplied water to Topkapi Palace.

The Old Fortresses Of Istanbul:

Whether you are on a cruise on the Bosphorous or just walking in the old city of Istanbul, you will notice many castles scattered around the city used during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Many famous fortresses such as; Anadolu Hisari and Rumeli Hisari covers a wonderful history, each castle has its own point of views capturing views over the beautiful city of Istanbul, and most of them are an open museum to the public to visit.

Turkish National Food And Drinks:


A truly exciting and Turkish experience is also having to try the national food and drinks, everywhere you go you will find Kebab restaurants or local cafés, the national alcoholic drink is the Raki, which is sweetened, anise-flavored drink, often served with seafood, and it is also the spirit of celebrations whether it is a birthday or a job promotion, and actually different occasions have different kind of Raki. And on the other hand you have the very known no alcoholic drink which is the Ayran, a yogurt-based refreshment, the drink is not very known for celebrations but it is common to drink it with you Kebabs or Shish, sometimes it is served as an appetizer. You have also the Turkish Tea which not like any other tea, it is a way of life, and it is indeed a quick way to relax whether it is summer or winter. Not to mention the Turkish Coffee, which is well known for its strong taste and dark brown color, it is not just a normal traditional drink, it became very popular for the locals for fortune telling, the marks left after you drink your cup of coffee tells you the past and the future.

Enjoy The Views Istanbul Offers:

Istanbul offers one of the best and romantic views you will ever see. The city has its own magic, the Bosphorous alone has a really amazing atmosphere during the day and night, enjoying a time with your friends and family with a view is something indeed amazing. You can either take a cruise around the city or sit down in a café or restaurant with a pleasant view, wherever you go you will see restaurants offering a view on the Bosphorous like 5. Kat restaurant and Balkon Restaurant and Bar.

Relax At Istanbul’s Wine Bars:

Apart from Istanbul’s amazing history and traditions, the city also holds fascinating wine bars around the city, with Turkey’s beginning to make its mark on the international wine market, the wine makers in Istanbul are very amazing and friendly, with Istanbul’s wine pairings with local brands and international as well, there are many different wine bars to check out such as; Milano Gourmet, Sensus Wine & Cheese Boutique, and Solera Winery. To get the best out of the experience during your trip to Istanbul the vineyards and bars are also a great experience to have.

walk through the taksim and istiklal street:

The Taksim avenue has many things to do, for some reason Taksim holds a special place in the hearts of many locals and tourists, it is very famous for its local and worldwide brands sitting on both sides of the street, and also don’t forget the local stores variating from Turkish delights to restaurants, you can also visit the cultural center which is a multi-purpose cultural center, with its opera house, it sits as an important example of the Turkish architecture, it hosts many theater performances and Ballet.

Another thing to do in Taksim is to buy souvenirs, apart from the famous Grand Bazaar, the souvenirs offered in Taksim are very unique, from local brands or handmade craftsmen coming from other parts of Turkey.

The attractions Istanbul has are endless to count, many and many things to do and visit in Istanbul, which makes it a unique city for many tourists, it is very common to go around the Taksim square and visit the old city relics. A true experience that will be kept in your memory forever.