Love is spread everywhere in Istanbul and you can see that in its daily life, didn’t you see any vendor singing and dancing while selling 1 dollar simit? Or a waitress who is extremely happy that he’s serving your food? If you did not notice that then you must have seen a young couple holding hands under the rain in a romantic evening, maybe a husband and wife celebrating their anniversary in a small Cafe beside the Bosphorus, or some old couple sitting in some old shabby Cafe drinking hot Turkish coffee. Well, this is Istanbul. The city that never sleeps but gives you a space to have a lovely romantic time with your partner.

Pack your bags and get yourself ready to spend a lovely date with your partner to enjoy the most romantic moments at:

1- Nicole Restaurant:

Located on the top of Tom Tom suits terrace in Beyoglu, with a rating of 8.8/10 Nicole Restaurant is one of the best ways to spend a lovely romantic night and maybe propose a ring. The view of Istanbul from the terrace is gorgeous and breathtaking, the lights of SultanAhmet square and trees around it is speechless, buy your partner a Turkish Coffee with a chocolate cake and reach your partner’s heart through stomach.
you might need to make a reservation though, because it is crowded on holidays.

2- Maiden’s Tower:

Maiden’s Tower at sunset. Turkey, Istanbul.

An ancient tower located on a small island off Uskudar district, there are a lot of legends and stories about Maiden’s Tower but everyone agrees on its charm and beauty. You can reach the tower by boat and spend a couple of hours with your next husband or wife in its restaurant then give a flower, a kiss on the cheek and propose. There you have it, a perfect proposal on a perfect night.

3- Kalpazankaya:

This place offers people a getaway from Istanbul’s energetic life and traffic and if you are a fan of nature you are going to love this place even more. It is located on Burgazada island, the largest one of Istabul’s princess islands, hold your partner’s hand and walk up through the road covered with trees until you reach Kalpazankaya restaurant. A beautiful location between the trees with a full view over sea. Do not miss the sunset there, it is a scene that you only saw in movies.

4- Pierre Loti Café:

Located in Eyup Sultan district on the top of a hill that looks over the Golden Horn. During the night Pierre loti cafe turns out to be an extremely lovely place to spend time at, especially with the lights of Golden Horn adding a romantic touch. You can reach it using chair lifts but make sure to go there during the weekdays because it is full of people on holidays.

5- Take A Cruise On The Bosphorus:

You can rent a small yacht for a couple of hours for a trip around the Bosphorus, spread some red roses around, set up the candles, buy a drink for this lovely romantic night and enjoy your time watching Istanbul’s monuments, you can also bring some simit with you to feed birds flying behind you.
It is better to take this private cruise at night, the Bosphorus at that time is a whole different story of beauty and romance. Bosphorus bridge shining in red, yellow lights on the sides of Bosphorus, and the voice of your partner. What a beautiful night

6- Camlica Hill:

Located on the borders of üsküdar district in the Asean side of Istanbul, Camlica Hill has two views one over the entire Bosphorus and one over the Marmara Sea. It is a place where new married couple go and take photos. In fact, some people call it the hill of brides, you can spend a lovely time with your partner up there, drink Turkish coffee and take some pictures.

Istanbul has a lot of romantic and calm places to spend lovely peaceful time with your partner. So if you have an anniversary, plans to propose, or just want to spend lovely time with your partner, Istanbul is the best city for you.