Istanbul, also known throughout history as Byzantium and Constantinople, was a significant center of exchange and commerce, where merchants and the general populace would throng continuously in search of exotic products. Even now, modern visitors enjoy a fantastic shopping experience in Istanbul. There are an amazing number of supermarkets, bazaars, goods, and obstinate merchants here. Look at the list of suggested presents that reflect the real essence of Turkey to focus your search on the best possible price and maintain your shopping experience in Istanbul in the correct sense. 

Istanbul, and especially Sultanahmet, has a plethora of different souvenirs that you can buy and return to your home country to present as valuable and delightful gifts to acquaintances and friends, whether they are distinguished handicrafts, goods, and hand made products in Istanbul or famous food in Istanbul, and obtaining these kinds of gifts is not limited. As you may know, Sultanahmet is home to many of the city’s attractions. As a result, some of the finest presents in Istanbul can be found in that area. Just keep looking around, and you’ll soon come upon a lovely antique market filled with wonderful gifts. 

Turkish Ceramics From Topkapi Palace

Turkish pottery, known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs, are widely available in Istanbul. Anatolia’s Iznik craftsmen soon created their own style and patterns, which were initially intended to imitate Chinese ceramics. This kind of pottery was in full swing by the 16th century, thanks to Suleyman the MagnificentTurkish craftsmen like to mix abstract patterns with florals, jacinths, and tulips. Several techniques for glazing, firing, and coloring numerous ceramic items have been developed throughout the years. No matter where you go in the city, you may discover these Ceramics. Simply walking into an antique store in Istanbul will reveal that these tiles are on sale. However, for the finest and shiniest pottery, we suggest visiting Topkapi Palace‘s souvenir store. 

Handcrafted Iznik Tiles In Istanbul

Since Ottoman times, Istanbul has been famous for its manufacture of Iznik tiles, which can still be found in ancient historical mosques and museums as a witness to the brightest historical eras, and these tiles are colored pieces of tiles or ceramic in dark red and blue colors, and Turkey still has many craftsmen who preserve this ancient industry that has been passed down through generations. Handcrafted Iznik Tiles are uncommon and maybe a bit pricey, but you can be sure you’re receiving the finest possible present. Iznik tiles may be found in Sultanahmet via souvenir stores at tourist sites, particularly palaces. 

Classic Carpets From Istanbul

Istanbul is well-known for producing handmade carpets in a variety of patterns. Whether traditional or contemporary, Turkish carpets are valuable keepsakes. Inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, there are well-known stores that offer the finest kinds of Turkish carpets. Classical carpets are a wonderful way to add a sense of class to your home in your hometown. They have an oriental flavor about them, with bright colors and high-quality cloth. We suggest visiting local rug and carpet stores in Sultanahmet streets to discover the finest Turkish carpets in Istanbul

Certainly, not all of the present choices that can be purchased as souvenirs from Istanbul can be covered in a single post, since there are many possibilities and all of them may be appropriate as souvenir ideas! It is left to us to recommend that you go to the Grand Bazaar and have a wonderful day while shopping for lovely gifts for your loved ones! We highly suggest that you visit Hagia Sophia and shop in the nearby marketplaces for unique gift ideas!