Uskudar is famous for its beautiful coastline, Maiden’s Tower, Camlica Hill, Fethi Pasha Grove, historical monuments like as 16th century Mosques, fountains, and many more attractions. Here’s a quick guide to visiting Uskudar, packed with must-see attractions and insider advice. 

Strolling around Uskudar Square, watching the crowds, taking a break and drinking tea or coffee at one of the many cafes near the sea in the company of the Bosphorus, visiting Fethi Pasha Grove and Camlica Hill to enjoy the beautiful and panoramic views of the Bosphorus, and visiting Maiden’s Tower are the best things to do in Uskudar

Cengelkoy Of Uskudar

Cengelkoy is a busy seaside district north of Uskudar after Kuzguncuk and Beylerbeyi, surrounded by centuries-old plane trees and magnificent homes. It’s a place where you can get a taste of life on the Bosphorus. Visitors may take a break at the Cinaralti Mosque, the Cengelkoy Fountain, and the many seafood restaurants and cafés around the ferry terminal. Visitors may also go to the lively Cengelkoy Square. At the famous historical Cinaralti Tea Garden, you may relax and sip your tea at any time of day while taking in beautiful views of Istanbul

The Maiden’s Tower

One of Istanbul’s most beautiful structures is the Maiden’s Tower, commonly known as the Leandros. Spending an evening watching the sunset and dining there is one of the best things to do in Istanbul. It is said to have been constructed about 340 B.C. and has a mythology. 

Camlica Hill

Camlica Hill, located on Istanbul’s Asian side, is a great leisure and tourist site. Camlica Hill offers breathtaking views of the city. The hill is the highest point in Istanbul, rising 265 meters above sea level, and offers the best views of the city. There are also a variety of cafés and restaurants where you can sit back and enjoy the view. 

Fethi Pasa Grove

The Fethi Pasha Grove, situated on the rear slopes of Uskudar and Belerbeyi, is a great place to unwind with a drink while enjoying the spectacular views of the city and the Bosphorus. It is a 16-hectare open area with a stunning view of the Bosphorus. It draws a huge number of visitors, especially on weekends. 

Mosques In Istanbul

You will find some of the best mosques in the city during your Uskudar visit. That is because, Uskudar is one of the most historical districts in the city. Many of the mosques and attractions you’ll see during your Istanbul visit are located in this neighbourhood. One of the most important ones is Semsi Pasha Mosque, which is designed by Architect Sinan in 1580. It’s a great memorial mosque with beautiful tiles.

Uskudar in Istanbul offers a diverse selection of eating and wine choices. In Uskudar, you’ll find a diverse selection of food and drinks, as well as Turkish cuisines to suit your tastes. Tea gardens, cafés, and restaurants may be found both along the coast and beyond.