Apart from the ones listed, Istanbul offers a wide range of living alternatives. At first look, though, these are the nicest areas in Istanbul to stay in. In this post, I’ll go over all of these topics and attempt to provide you with some information on the benefits and drawbacks. We attempted to approach the subject of the best locations to stay in Istanbul from many perspectives in this post. Because the expectations of traveling couples, families with children, and solitary travelers are all different. 


The major lines of our post are Beyoglu, Old City, Sisli, Besiktas, and Kadikoy, which are the most prominent districts that spring to mind when talking about where to stay in Istanbul.


Cihangir is home to some of Turkey’s most well-known writers and artists. Orhan Pamuk, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006, was born and raised in this region. In this area, there is also the Museum of Innocence, which is named after one of his works. Wonderful boutique hotels have emerged in the neighborhood as Istanbul’s tourism industry has grown over the previous 20 years. Between Taksim Square and Istanbul Cruise Port, Cihangir is a popular choice. The hotels, on the other hand, are tiny. You may need to make a reservation in advance if you wish to stay in Cihangir, one of Istanbul’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Galata Neighbourhood

Galata’s Galata Tower is well-known. However, the neighborhood’s history is far more extensive. Silk textiles from China and spices from India arrived at Constantinople’s harbor throughout Byzantine and Ottoman history. The Venetian and Genoese trading colonies established here were responsible for bringing Asian products to Europe. Galata, a bustling harbor, features several Genoese structures. The most renowned of these Genoese constructions is Galata Tower. This ancient quarter is now considered one of Istanbul’s greatest districts.

Beyoglu District

Beyoglu is near to the city’s nightlife as well as Istiklal Street, the city’s most attractive strolling street. The greatest restaurants in Istanbul, such as 360 Istanbul and Mikla, are only a short walk away. Beyoglu is also home to some of Istanbul’s greatest bars. Beyoglu is a major city in the Ottoman Empire that was founded in the late 19th century. The greatest entertainment, shopping, and dining neighborhoods in Istanbul include Taksim Square, Istiklal StreetPera, Galata, Cihangir, and Karakoy. Many historical landmarks, like as the Galata Tower, can be found in the area, albeit not as many as in Sultanahmet.

Karakoy District

Karakoy serves as a link between the Old and New Istanbul. The Galata Bridge connects Karakoy with the Old City. Eminonu (Spice Bazaar area) lies on the bridge’s southern end, while Karakoy is on the northern end. Eminonu is the transit center of Istanbul’s ancient peninsula. Similarly, Karakoy, on the opposite side of the Golden Horn, is the transit hub of Beyoglu. The boat departs from both sides for Kadikoy, the most attractive area on the Asian side.

As one of Ottoman Istanbul’s most cosmopolitan neighborhoods, Karakoy had a sizable non-Muslim community. Wealthy Jewish and Greek families preferred it. With the 19th century’s globalization, Istanbul’s first foreign banks were established.