Beside that Turkey and Istanbul in specific succeeded in delivering the Turkish and the International cultural attributes as well, you can find dance classes, cook classes and a lot of events which you can step and visit. One of Istanbul’s big event is the Book Fair which I am going to talk about in this article.

Istanbul Book Fair is an annual event that have been held in Istanbul since 1982, 38 years ago, which makes it the largest book event in Turkey.

Turkey’s largest international book fair opens its doors to the book amateurs in the weekend every year. The 38th international book fair was organized by Tuyap Fairs in partnership with the Turkish Publishers Association, and it was opened with the generation 50 in their literature. Tuyap Fair and Congress Center is located in Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul, and the fair gets arranged with the Anadolu agency which is the global communication partner of the fair.

The last year the expectation was over a million visitors for 2019 at the speaking of the opening ceremony. The municipality is trying to be a big part of the fair in the upcoming years because of its fame and importance. As said, over 800 national and international publishers and non-governmental organizations attend the fair, which includes around 300 cultural events and thousands of books signing sessions. Normally, on the following day, a lot of authors, freelancers, translators, speakers and designers come to the fair and add their roles in speaking, translating, signing books, meeting fans and such.

For the upcoming Book Fair, 39th International Istanbul Book Fair, will be held on Saturday on 31 of October, 2020 to Sunday, 8 November, 2020. It will be held in Istanbul of course at Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center.  Exhibiting products and services will be as followed, Books, periodicals, newspaper and magazine publishing, digital publishing, media companies and non-governmental organizations involved in publishing. Facts and Figures of ISTANBUL BOOK FAIR 2019 as the statistics showed were as followed, the total exhibitors 800 visitors, total events 300 events, Foreign Participants – 95 from 15 countries and 17 International Guests and the Total Visitors were 605,000. Tuyap Fair and Congress Center’s address is E-5, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Hadımköy Yolu, 34500 Büyükçekmece / İstanbul.

What books you can find in the fair?

In the fair you will find calendars, Children’s colorful books, computer accessories, computer software, all kinds of dictionariesencyclopedias, globes, greeting cards, a lot of magazines, new and old mapsnewspapersreligious booksscientific books, stationery, textbooks, travel books, all of that you can find not in a specific language, you can find in many languages possible because the fair is prepared to be for locals and foreign at once.

Since 2010, the International Istanbul Book Fair welcomes guest of honors and International Rights Center at the International Hall which is held in the first four days of the fair. The previous Guest of Honors were Spain (2010), Egypt (2011), Holland (2012), People’s Republic of China (2013), Hungary (2014), Romania (2015), Germany (2016) and Korea (2017). The International Hall has a professional program with GoH events and professional meetings, matchmakings and sectoral panels which aims to build up an international network. The Illustrator’s Meeting, launched in 2018, aims at matching publishing professionals and illustrators. The seminar program with the hundreds of events (more than 300 in 2018) and book signings make the book fair one of the foremost cultural activities in the city.

International Istanbul Book Fair is a very famous important event that you must consider come and visit