Tour around the old city:

The old city of Istanbul has a wonderful history full of stories, the city is full of monuments and buildings to discover and learn more about the history of the city.

The Sultan Ahmet District is one of those historic areas, it has Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque close to each other, and the Hagia Sophia was once the Eastern Orthodox Church during the Byzantine Era until the Ottomans conquered Istanbul and converted it into a mosque. The latter (the Blue Mosque) was built by Sultan Ahmet I and was the first Imperial Mosque for a long time back then, he built the mosque to show the dominant power of the empire in the region. The construction of the mosque caused the anger of the Muslim Jurists due to it is being built close to the Hagia Sophia Cathedral and on top of the Byzantine Emperor’s palace. A tour in the old city is definitely an experience worth to live

Take a cruise on the bosphorus:

The Bosphorus Cruise is essential to feel the beauty of the strait, many cruises will have a guide that will tell you all you need to know about the shores of the Bosphorus, in this cruise you will see the beautiful lights of Istanbul during the night, and the famous maiden’s tower. A dinner is associated with cruise with the best food collection there is alongside a typical Turkish dinner show that includes belly dancing.


The Asian Side is as wonderful and beautiful as the European side, the Asian side will provide you with an outstanding experience that will make you feel like a local. The Uskudar district in the Asian Side is wonderful residential neighborhood, it has one of the most beautiful shores and an amazing view over the bosphorus. The Kadikoy neighborhood on the other hand, is also wonderful, it has one of the famous avenues, the Moda Avenue and fish bazaars where you will taste the freshest fish there is in the city.

Princes’ islands tour:

Istanbul, Turkey, June 14, 2014: view of Istanbul and the sea from Buyukada island, on top of Buyukada island-part of the Prince Islands-in Turkey.

This fantastic tour will take you all the way to live an amazing adventure across the sea, the islands are pretty famous around tourists for their beaches, mansions, and Mother Nature beauty they offer. You will have the chance to explore the islands starting from Buyukada and go to a local fish restaurant and taste a delicious typical fresh fish dish.

Spend the day in beyoglu district:

Beyoglu District is big and famous for its street of Istiklal, Taksim Square, and the Galata Tower. The Istiklal street is famous for its shops and restaurants, there are plenty of local and international brands in this street located on both sides of the street, and the restaurants and cafés there are good relax at after a long day of shopping and touring. The Taksim Square is a meeting point for many tourists and it has the best local bazaar where merchants come from all parts of Turkey and sell their homemade antiques. Once you walk down the street of Istiklal you will notice a big long tower, this is the Galata Tower which is one of the historic monuments in the city. It has a restaurant and a nightclub on top of it and an astonishing panoramic view over the Golden Horn.

The attractions in Istanbul are numberless, each attraction will provide you the experience you need feel the best life as a tourist. Don’t hesitate to check out each one of them to get the maximum adventure.