Istanbul rainy nights are even more beautiful, especially at places in Bosphorus basin like Bebek, Ortakoy, Kadikoy and Uskudar.
Although it might have more traffic depending on how heavy the rain is But It is surprising to say that for some people, istanbul is more beautiful in the rain and here are the reasons:

1-Drink Tea In Ortakoy:


If you are a fan of the Turkish tea or Turkish coffee a rainy day on the bosphorus is the perfect night for you. You can sit in a cozy warm Cafe like Mado to drink your tea while watching the astonishing view of Ortakoy mosque and its square lightened with yellow warm lights under the rain drops at 1 am when no traffic or ships in the sea.

2- Have A Glass Of Red Wine At Solera:

A glass of red wine would be perfect for on a rainy day at Solera Winery in Beyoglo district. Have a chat with your friend and spend the night there.

3- A Steamy Bath At Kiliç Ali Paşa Hamami:

Getting wet in steamy hamam with a relaxing bath and massage will definitely change your mood and calm you down, kılıç ali paşa hamamı was established between 1578-1583 and it is the most famous hamam in Istanbul, you will live a true oriental experience.

4- Take A Shelter In Blue Mosque:

Sultan Ahmed mosque, or as its more popularly known as Blue Mosque, because of more than 20 thousands ceramic used in constructing this mosque. Its unique and sophisticated architecture and design will amaze you, and the spirituality that you will feel inside is indescribable.

5- Have A Delicious Lunch At One Of Turkish Cuisine Restaurants:

You really need to find time to eat some Turkish food. It is delicious, full of flavor and relatively cheap. Like Lahmacun or pide which is long Turkish pizza. Or Iskender Kebap meat slices with bread and yogurt.
If you are in a rush and don’t want to spend much time inside a restaurant, you can buy the Turkish simitroasted chestnuts it will keep you warm and cozy. And if your a fan of fish food, you can get yourself a tasty fresh grilled fish sandwich with onions and salad

6- Visit Istiklal Street:

At heart of istanbul, the most famous street in Istanbul, you can stop in one of the many small lovely cafés for another cup of tea or check out boutiques, do some shopping from worldwide known brands, and visit historic pastry shops. You can also take a nostalgic tram from Tünel to Taksim square.

7- Games:

If you are a fun guy and tend to spend time having joy and fun you can try escape room games. It doesn’t matter where you are there is an escape room near by to visit and have fun at it. There are several kinds for escape rooms in Turkey, here are some:

Escapist: the perfect option for you if you want to spend hours playing, several options are available in Escapist like Agatha Christie room.

Vampire Evi: if you are one of horror movies fans you will love Vampire Evi, located in Taksim designed to scare people! It is the best place to get trapped!

Maze up:  located in Bakirkoy and suitable for kids also, what is good about Maze up is the option of Ottoman style. You can have extreme fun playing this option.

Tuzak: another option for escape rooms lovers but in the Asian side of Istanbul and and consistently gets rave reviews.

8- Visit Salt Galata:

Do not miss this overwhelming place. A big public library, conference hall and a restaurant set in the former imperial ottoman Bank, located near to Galata Tower.  A warm place to sit and clear your mind and spend precious time around books.

After all, Istanbul in rain is not a bad vacation at all ..