Visit The Asian Side Of Istanbul:


Over the past few years, Kadıköy has become a popular spot for fancy bars, trendy cafes and music venues. The Rexx Cinema is an old-school independent cinema located in Kadıköy. It’s used for the Istanbul film festival as well. Rexx is known for showing films in their original language. While you’re visiting the city, you can enjoy a nice movie in a historical atmosphere. Another spot in Kadıköy is Süreyya Operası which is the first musical theatre on the Asian side of Istanbul. The building is worthy of a visit for both architectural and cultural reasons. The hall presents opera shows, art exhibitions and festivities throughout the year. Culinary Walk in Kadıköy can give an idea to the local people’s life in the Asian side of Istanbul. For tasting delicious foods of Tukish local culture, Çiya Restaurant is offered by the tour. The founder of the restaurant Musa Dağdeviren wanted to create a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere for the guests. While you’re in the Asian side, visit one of the most iconic images of Istanbul, the Maiden’s Tower. Make sure to arrange your transfer to Maiden’s Tower, since it might be crowded during night. It’s located on a small natural islet in the Bosphorus. There is a restaurant as well where you can eat and drink with an unforgettable view.

Have Fon Like A Local In Bomonti:

There is a district which has become a very popular neighborhood in the past years. With the construction of cafes, offices and restaurants, Bomontiada has become one of the city’s popular places. It was a historic beer factory at the pass , then it has undergone a complete renovation and become a large complex full of restaurants, art gallery and a concert hall. You can spend an entire day in there. If you are coming to a concert or just for a drink, prefer Kiva Meyhane that serves up the best of the Anatolian kitchen. Also, take a look at The Populist for a more modern dining experience. When you come later the day, the crowd in the outside area will welcome you since it’s one the popular venues in the city. The large outside area present various cultural activities such as screenings, concerts, festivals and more. Keep track of the social media pages of Bomontiada before your trip, you might find a suitable event for you. Bomonti area has other places which will give different sights of Istanbul as well. The Feriköy Organic Bazaar takes place in Bomonti every Saturday. It features organic products from different corners of Turkey. If you have space in your luggage, buy some honey and spice from the bazaar for a good deal. Also, every Sunday, antique dealers show up in the same location with different kinds of antiques. You might find some rare Turkish books or vinyl records. Either way, don’t forget to try some gözleme served by the Turkish ladies in the Bazaar area.

Arnavutköy Offers Many Options For The Visitors:

Arnavutköy is a charming neighborhood on the European side. If you are coming by walk, you will see fishermen on the Bosphorus side.That might be a clue for the fact that Arnavutköy is known for a number of excellent seafood restaurants. One of a well-known restaurant is Eftalya Balık which has a rich menu. If you go there by the morning, you might find various breakfast spots. Sütiş for a highly traditional Turkish breakfast. On Friday nights and weekends, Arnavutköy becomes one of the city’s most happening nightlife spots. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly because there are many destinations to try. Often, you will see people hanging out on the street and chatting. Since the music is loud enough, people like to spend time outside. Alexandra can be preferred due to its perfect view of Bosphorus. After a long night, go and enjoy eating mantı in the famous Bodrum Mantı which stays open late and serves delicious dishes.

Head Out To The Belgrad Forest:

One can’t deny that life in Istanbul can be a bit hectic since it’s a huge metropol where millions of people live. However, Belgrad forest is an extremely popular get-away for the citizens. You can both use metrobus or bus for getting there. It’s the most famous green space in Istanbul and used by picnickers, runners, and cyclists who are looking for fresh air.