Chocolate is very delicious just like Istanbul’s traditional food, it is very delicious.

So what if you try both of them, Istanbul city and Chocolate at the same time. It will be absolutely fun and will bring you a lot of happiness.

Here are some of the most famous chocolate factories and shops were you can test the most delicious chocolate in your life:

Pelit Chocolate Museum:

Pelit is a very big and well known company in Turkey that specializes in the chocolate industry. The company has founded a chocolate museum for chocolate and sugar lovers. You will find a lot of shapes, colors, and chocolate types that you will absolutely fall in love and melt with them.

For sure, you are not going to be able to hold yourself and you will probably grab a chocolate out of the chocolate sculptures. Well, not to eat the museum and destroy it you can test the chocolate you want from the cafes there, you can find every single type of chocolate you want and you can also test a delicious waffle or pancakes with dark chocolate. It is absolutely delicious.

The museum is located in Esenyurt District that is a little bit far away from the heart of the city but still, it is worth it.

You can get to the museum by using the public transportation such as Metrobus line toward Haramidere Station, and then take a taxi to the museum.

Kahve Dunyasi:

Kahve Dunyasi is another very big and famous company in Turkey. Originally, the company was only producing coffee products but later, they entered the chocolate industry and they have absolutely proved their professionalism. The Kahve Dunyasi name can be found in every single district of Istanbul and some districts have more than one Kahve Dunyasi branch. Chocolate in all types and kinds are really delicious and melt your heart once you put it in your mouth.

Compared to other shops and factories, the Kahve Dunyasi brand is not that expensive beside, the atmosphere in their cafes is very calm and relaxing. It is a very good advice to visit one of their branches

And if you want, you can visit their own factory in Zeytinburnu district. It is not very far from the heart of the city, you can actually witness how the chocolate is made and packed from A to Z.

To get there, you can take the Tramway line toward Zeytinburnu station and then take a taxi to the factory’s location.

Elite Chocolate Factory And Outlet:

Elite company was  established in 1924 in Istanbul city. This brand is famous for its chocolate balls stuffed with different options, caramel, nuts, white chocolate, dark chocolate, honey, and many other options.

The factory’s main shop is not very huge but it contains all of the factory’s products. The best thing about this factory is that its products are not expensive but stil, very delicious.

The factory and its main shop is located in Esenyurt district which is a little bit far from the heart of Istanbul but you can get there using the Metrobus toward Haramidere Station and then take a taxi to the factory.


Bolci brand is one of the famous brands in Turkey, you can find it in all of the city’s supermarkets and most of the hotels. They are famous for soft chocolate they produce, no matter how many pieces you eat, you will never feel bad or tired.

The factory’s main shop is in Taksim in Beyoglu district, and in this shop you will find all of the factory’s products like dark chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, famous mushroom shaped chocolate candies and many other kinds of chocolate that you can buy in weight and enjoy eating the with a hot cup of Turkish tea or a hot cup of Turkish coffee.

Istanbul city still has a lot of chocolate shops and factories where you can visit and taste their delicious chocolate. It does not matter whether you are a chocolate lover, a normal chocolate consumer, or not a fan of chocolate. You will definitely fall in love with the chocolate in Istanbul city.