Here Are Some Facts About The City And Its Population:

The city is located in Turkey in a very unique and important geographic area. The people of Istanbul city can easily travel from Europe to Asia or the opposite way around within one hour. It is because of the location of the city that is right on the Bosphorus waterway which split Istanbul city into two cities. One is located on the European continent, and the second is located on the Asian continent. These two cities are connected with each other by several bridges like the famous Bosphorus bridge, this is why people can travel easily from side to side.

What makes Istanbul city a very important city in the world is the location that sits between Black sea and the Marmara sea, such a location is very important for traders and investors who count on international trading especially the ones who use ship trading. In addition, Istanbul city is considered the largest city in Europe and one of the oldest cities in Europe as it was founded 600 BCE during the Byzantine Empire period.

While for population, Istanbul city is ranked among the world’s most populous cities and currently, it is one of the fastest growing metropolitans in the entire world. Even though Istanbul has always been a major and important city, in 1950 its population in the urban areas was not more than one million people. During the past fifty years, the population has grown up to more than 15 million people only in urban area, this is mainly because of the expanding of the city limits and growing investig from current government in Istanbul which has created millions of job opportunities, not to mention the huge investing in tourism sector that has brought and still bringing a lot of visitors and creating a lot of jobs for people.

At the current time, Istanbul city gathers 15 million people in urban areas but in fact, the number of people who are born and registered in different cities of Turkey are more than this, it actually something near 25 million people.

In terms of demographic, since the beginning and throughout the time, Istanbul city has been a home for various ethnic and religious groups. Believe it or not but only 28% of the population Istanbul are originally from Istanbul while the rest of the population are a great mixture of ArabsArmenianBulgariansGreeksAfghan and other groups that live together literally happy and respectfully. You can see how many different people live in the city when you walk through its streets and interact with its people and it does not matter where you are from, the important thing is to always show respect to people.

Specialists suggest and predict that the population in Istanbul city will never stop growing and the fast growth will stay at the same level in a way that the population might become over 17 million people by the beginning of 2035 and might hit the borders of 18 million people. This study put the government in a place where it must work harder to provide services and infrastructure for future generations and expanding population. The next 15 years will witness a huge transformation and improvement in the already improved services of Istanbul city and the more people added to the population the more expansion is needed. Thus, it is not always bad if the population of a city is growing fast but the worst thing is a city that has no services or at least good infrastructure, with a high rate of population growth.

So yes, Istanbul city is definitely crowded and full of people but at the same time, it is the home of different kinds of people from all over the world who are in love with it whether investors, businessmen, traders, employees, students, poor and rich people, and many other people, it will not take more than one week to fall in love with this city even with all negative sides of it but still, you will not be able to hate it.