In general, spring is the most fun season in Istanbul because of the festivals, weather, and outdoors activities offered at that time, especially April. So if you are planning to visit Istanbul city during April, then congratulations because you have picked the best time.

Here are some of the activities that you can do during April in Istanbul city:

Have A Walk Around The City:

During April, the weather is absolutely perfect. The sun is soft, the air is cool, and colorful flowers and trees are all over the place all you need to do is to get out of the hotel and hit the road toward the city’s famous areas and places.

You can walk in Beyazit or Sultan Ahmet Square and taste the traditional Turkish ice cream while walking through the historical sites. Keep walking toward Eminonu Square where you can find grilled fish sandwich vendors spread right next to the sea, taste one it is very delicious.

When the night comes, go to Ortakoy Square and have a delicious dinner with a cup of Turkish tea at one of the restaurants there with your partner, and enjoy the most amazing view you have ever seen of the Bosphorus because. It looks different at night, no crowds, yellow and red lights, and clear sky with cool air touching you chiecks.

Be prepared and charge your camera because you are going to take a lot of pictures.


At this time of the year, many festivals happen. For example, the Tulip Festival that happens during April after Tulip flowers come alive, although tulip flowers are spread all over the place in Istanbul and literally at every street but the most beautiful place is Gulhane park. During April, millions of tulip flowers with different colors are planted to form a very beautiful natural scene, you can also go to the cafe at the end of this park to drink a cup of Turkish coffee while enjoying the view of both sea and tulip flowers.

If you are looking for a more fun and exciting festival, you can join many music festivals that usually happen in Sariyer district where you can have a drink while dancing to techno and pop music with your partner. There is also the International Jazz Festival where both local and international artists join and play jazz and classical music for fans.

A Tour On A Cruise:

Istanbul city is surrounded with water whether sea or lakes so it has a lot of cruise tours to join but the most famous one of them is the Bosphorus Tour. you can have the opportunity to see the city’s most important palaces and monuments such as Fatih Castle, Dolmabahce sarayi from the sea.

You can also join the late night party on one of the cruises where you can attend a dance show, taste the Turkish Nargila, eat Turkish food, and meet people from all over the world.

If you are travelling with your friends, you can rent a yacht with its driver to take you near Princes islands where you can swim and spend some good time away from the crowds in Istanbul.

Visit The Famous Princes Islands:

During April, the famous Princes Islands are absolutely one of the most beautiful places to visit. This is because of the great weather of the islands especially the big island or as it is called in Turkish “ Buyuk Ada “ where you can take a tour on horse around the island, or spend some time walking around the trees at the top of the hill and have a delicious Kebab with a cup of delicious Turkish tea at the restaurant there. Do not miss the beautiful view of sunset, it is breathtaking.

When you finish your tour, make sure to visit the other islands because it has more activities to do and they are less crowded than the big island.

It is important to go there early so as not to be able to enjoy all of the islands. In addition, the last ferry to go back to Istanbul leaves at 7 pm but do not worry of getting stuck at the island because you can book a night in a hotel there. In fact, you might book more than one night because these islands are really charming