1- The Grand Bazaar:

The Grand Bazaar is probably the most famous market in Istanbul if not in Turkey, because it was the first open mall ever founded in the world and lasted for many decades as the largest one. This market was originally used for marine tools during th Byzantine Empire Period and then turned into a central market during the Ottoman Empires period. When you enter the Grand Bazaar, you will definitely be amazed by the enormous number of shops and boutiques. You can find clothing shops, jewelry shops, boutiques, desserts and spices shops, gift shops, and many other shops that offer millions of products.

This Bazaar is located in Beyazit District

2- The Spice Bazaar:

The Spice Bazaar is another famous market of istanbul. This market is actually famous for spices because earlier, egyption traders used to sell the spices they brought from China, India, and Indonesia to Turkish or foreign traders in this market. Thus, the name was driven from these traders. You can find a lot of spices that are famous or rare to find, or you can find different types of Turkish desserts such as Halkum, Baklava, and other famous desserts. This Bazaar is located in Eminonu district.

3- Flea Market:

The flea market in Sili district is a local market that opens at 9 AM and closes at 7 AM. This market is a huge market where many sellers sell antiques and secondhand items. Some items are actually useful while other items are used as gifts but in any case, you will find a lot of cheap items at this market.

4- Yesilkoy Market:

This market is for people looking for less expensive items and food lovers, because of the various kinds of vegetables, fruits, cheese, and other kinds of food. Not to mention the antiques and clothes. You will actually have the opportunity to interact with locals there and if you get hungry, you can have a fresh Gözleme snack from one of the local old ladies cooking them one by one.

5- Sahaflar Market:

Sahaflar Market is for book lovers. It is located just next to the famous Grand Bazaar and offers thousands of books whether educational, stories, novels, or other types of books in Turkish or in other foreign languages. You can also find secondhand books there and if you want, you can sell a book of yours to one of the shops there.

6- Ferikoy Antika Market:

This market is located in Ferikoy District. With hundreds of antiques and handmade items spread all over the market.
The most interesting thing about it is that it is not expensive and you can have a great time there.

7- Besiktas Saturday Market:

This market opens every Saturday at Besiktas District, and offers various fresh vegetables, fruit, and organic food in addition to some handmade items.

8- Historic Inebolu Village Market:

It is probably one of the most famous flea markets in Istanbul. This market is located in Inebolu Village that is also located in Beyoglu District. It offers for visitors fresh and daily picked organic food, vegetables, and fruits from the famous Kastamonu city in Turkey. You can find fresh eggs, fresh mints, homemade jam, village chicken, village bread, and more food that you will definitely love.

9- Ulus Market:

Ulus Market, or the society market as it is known in Istanbul because of the cheap items that it offers both fake or original products. The market was closed in 2005 because it started to cause disturbance in the neighborhood due to crowds shopping in it. Later on, the market was opened again but in a different location, it is still called ULUS market although it is located in Ortakoy District and it still offers the cheap products like fake Adidias, Nikes, and other brands.

10- Fatih Market:

It is the biggest, the most crowded, and the most famous market in Istanbul because it is located in Fatih District which is at the heart of the old city of Istanbul. This market opens on Wednesdays and actually hosts more than 1200 Vendors. You can literally find everything there.