Why Istanbul is the perfect destination for couples?


This ancient city has seen so many lovers throughout the history… Now it is your turn to see Istanbul, the city of love & romance.

1) Because Istanbul is where Europe kisses Asia

How many cities in the world has land on 2 continents? And how many of them has a beautiful strait where the continents meet? The answer is: 1 and that city is Istanbul. Unique, special & beautiful; just like your lover.

2) Because even the towers are in love in Istanbul


Galata Tower (1348 A.D.) and the Maiden’s Tower (1111 A.D.) are among the top landmarks of marvelous Istanbul. They both have centuries old history but did you know that they also have a centuries old love between them?

Once upon a time; Maiden’s Tower, lost in solitariness, noticed that a new tower was being built on the opposite shore. The tower was rising in his beauty every single day and she couldn’t help falling in love with him. It was the Galata Tower. When Galata Tower had met the sun for the first time, he noticed the Maiden’s Tower who floated like a water lily and fell in love at the first sight of her. The two could’ve never spoken to each other, until Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi, the first person to fly on his own, had decided to launch from the Galata Tower to Üsküdar where he was going above the Maiden’s Tower on his way. He accepted to carry love letters from Galata Tower to Maiden’s Tower. Even though the jealous wind scattered the letters all over the Bosphorus, waves of Aphrodite carried them back to the Maiden’s Tower. The lovers, after being sure of each other’s love, managed to stand strong against any obstacles since then…

3) Because even James Bond would love to spend some time in Istanbul with his darling

4) Because Istanbul is not only a city for lovers but also a city for animal lovers!

Cat walking on the street.

Istanbul might have more non-human inhabitants than humans. If you love cats, dogs and seagulls; Istanbul is your city! Be sure to remember seeing Hagia Sophia, the Church of the Wisdom of Cat, oh sorry, the Wisdom of God, while you’re in Istanbul!

5)Because of the uncountable number of lovers who have been to Istanbul throughout the history

The best known lovers of Istanbul are Suleyman the Magnificent & Hürrem Sultan, whose love almost caused Ottoman Empire to come tumbling down. Luckily, love came strong and everyone was happy (except for the enemies.). Yet these couple are only the tip of the iceberg. Remember that the Bosphorus breeze once had carried the perfume of Helen of Troy and Sultan Mehmed II who conquered Constantinople, had killed his lover since his love for her was overcoming his passion to conquer Istanbul. You can hold your beloved’s hand and trace down those legendary lovers all over this beautiful city.

6) Because even globally known celebrities bring their significant other to Istanbul for a romantic dinner


It is not a surprise that every year tens of worldwide known celebrities go to Istanbul for concerts, movie shoots and many other reasons. And their beloved ones always tag along! You may think that they might be overly attached, but remember the magnetic effect of mysterious Istanbul with all the marvels it offers! Do not resist it, we know you want it. 😉

7) Because Istanbul is a city where even public transportation can get incredibly romantic

Where there is sea, there is always romance. If the sea is Bosphorus, one of the loveliest natural beauties of the world, imagine the level of romance… Take a ferry with your significant other, sit close to the warmth of your lover, and enjoy the fresh sea wind and the unique view of Bosphorus. We love it, we’re sure you’ll love it.

8.Now! Your Turn to Live the Romance in Istanbul…


Istanbul City Passes

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Best of luck!..

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