What To Buy From Istanbul

Istanbul, also known throughout history as Byzantium and Constantinople, was a significant center of exchange and commerce, where merchants and the general populace would throng continuously in search of exotic products. Even now, modern visitors enjoy a fantastic shopping experience in Istanbul. There are an amazing number of supermarkets, bazaars, goods, and obstinate merchants here. Look at the list of suggested presents that reflect the real essence of Turkey to focus your search on the best possible price and maintain your shopping in Istanbul in the correct sense. 

Turkish Alcohol Drinks

This anise-flavored liquor is also known as Lion Milk, the famous Turkish national drink. It may be drank dry, but it is most often mixed with ice and water to create a milky white, transparent fluid. Dishes with fish and shrimp are often offered. Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s revered creator, is notorious for his raki addiction and seems to enjoy late-night talks with his friends and advisers. The most well-known Turkish raki brand is Yeni Raki. 

Turkish Coffe Set

Turkish coffee is served in gold-colored cups and saucers. In Turkish homes, cups and saucers are elegantly adorned on a silver table as a sign of excellent hospitality. Turkish coffee mugs made of copper or glass. When purchasing a coffee kit, be sure to ask whether it can be used to make coffee or if it is just for decoration. Many companies provide ornamental kits that contain non-food paints or metal alloys. Go to Istiklal Caddesi if you want a hand-painted decorating kit made of cupber. The sets will cost about 200TL. If you’re searching for a realistic kit for your house, though, it’s best to purchase it from a Turkish grocery store like Migros. There is a lovely bundle for around 15TL available there. 

Turkish Ceramics (Tiles)

Turkish pottery, known for their vibrant colors and intricate designs, are widely available in Istanbul. Anatolia’s Iznik craftsmen soon created their own style and patterns, which were initially intended to imitate Chinese ceramics. This kind of pottery was in full swing by the 16th century, thanks to Suleyman the Magnificent. Turkish craftsmen like to mix abstract patterns with florals, jacinths, and tulips. Several techniques for glazing, firing, and coloring numerous ceramic items have been developed throughout the years. No matter where you go in the city, you may discover these Ceramics. Simply walking into an antique store in Istanbul will reveal that these tiles are on sale. 

Soaps from Turkey 

Local products of natural health and beauty are becoming more popular in Turkey. This design incorporates handcrafted olive soaps and is a nod to the century-old hammam tradition. Allow yourself to experience “firsthand” the finest handcrafted soap in the world during your vacation to Istanbul. Local soap makers combine high-quality olive oil and other plant extracts to create a beautiful soap bar for all skin types. The Egyptian Bazaar in Eminönü, just across from the Galata Bridge (Misir Carsisi), will be a great location to get them. 

These are some of the items available for purchase in Istanbul during your stay! Make a point of visiting Grand Bazaar and Istiklal Street, since these are the finest locations to get gifts for your loved ones! Don’t forget to explore Istanbul’s ancient sites as well!