Weather Advantages in Istanbul


Istanbul, the rich city of history, touris, culture, and gastronomy has been an attractive city for millions of people from all over the world. The past year, Istanbul city has welcomed more than 10 million visitors throughout the year. The rich culture and history, the beautiful natural sights, and the lovely friendly locals are the main reasons why people visit this city over and over again.


Some people do their best to visit the city during summer time, while others think that it is better to visit the city during winter time because less tourists are spread in the city. Both cases, you can still have fun and get some benefits from the weather.

Istanbul city is famous for its changeable weather. You can actually live for seasons in one day, it may be cold in the mornings but hot at night or the opposite way around but do not worry because the changeable weather will not stop you from having fun.


During the winter months, the weather becomes windy, rainy, and of course cold. You may not be able to visit natural places like lakes and beaches if you are not a fan of cold weather but you can spend your time visiting ancient museums like Dolmabahce Palace, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia or some galleries like Salt Galata. And if you are not a fan of museums and want to have fun not bored, you can attend one of the ceremonies and festivals that are organized by the Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Art.

If you are visiting with your partner then believe me, it is your luckiest time. You can grab your partner’s hand and walk toward Ortakoy Square to have dinner together or just drink a cup of Turkish coffee or Turkish tea at one of the restaurants right beside the Bosphorus. Hold your partner’s hand and enjoy the absolutely most beautiful view in the world. It is better to go there at night because tour cruises will be stopped and finished working and less tourists are gathered in the place, but do not forget to bring a jacket with you.


If all of what was mentioned above is not that good for you, then you should try the most relaxing experience of Turkish Hamam. Spend a couple of hours at the steamed hall being massaged be a professional masseuse and forget about your job and stressful daily routine.

Turkish coffee

During the summer months, Istanbul city becomes a life once again and tourists start visiting the city from all over the world. During the summer you can do more than you can do during winter months. For example, you can visit the countryside and go to spend some time at the natural places between colorful trees, you can camp for a couple of days if you want, or go for a night walk in the woods and if you do not want to go out of Istanbul, you can easily enjoy natural sights at places inside the city like Camlica hill, Pierre Loti hill, Kemerburgaz forest, Yildiz Park, or Ulus park . You can also go swimming at the famous beach of princes islands and if you are not the person who love to swim, you can have a walk through the city and taste some traditional food such as Iskender Kbap, fresh grilled fish from Eminonu Square, or traditional Turkish desserts like Baklava and Halkum, or you can break the heat of summer with a cup of creamy delicious Turkish Ice cream.


If you want more exciting activity to do, you can join the famous Chill Out Festival that is usually organized at an open park in Sariyer district. You can have a drink, dance, and make some new friends.

During August the weather is usually very hot and sticky. Thus, you can take advantage of it and fly to Izmir city or Fethiye city to spend a couple of days at the beach.  You can also buy yourself a ticket on one of the Bosphorus cruises and get to see Istanbul in a different way.


Despite that Istanbul city has very changeable weather but that never stopped people from having fun. Whether it is cold or hot, cool or warm, there is always a way or another to have fun in this city and spend an unforgettable time because this city has everything for everyone. All you need to do is to pack your bag and fly here..

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