Top 3 tourist shopping malls in Istanbul


Because of its significant location that sits right on the world’s most famous international trade route, the Silk Road and because it connects Europe with Asia. Istanbul city was and still one of the most important cities in the world in terms of international trade.

Traders from all over the world used to meet in the main markets of Istanbul city to sell and exchange the products they brought from China, India, Syria, Iran, Greece, and Eastern Europe. Thus, Istanbul city was famous for being a place where people could find everything they want.


Nowadays, Istanbul city is still famous for the same feature but with more options and products to buy especially after Turkey reached a decent position in the world of manufacturing and trading.


So if you are thinking of doing some shopping before finishing your visit to Istanbul, then you can consider this article as a guide book.


Here are the most tourist shopping malls in Istanbul:


The famous Grand Bazaar:


The famous Grand Bazaar was originally built as a warehouse of military supplies and a stable during the Roman Empire but after the Ottomans took over the city, this warehouse was turned into a shopping mall. At that time, the Grand Bazaar was the first and the largest mall in the world. In fact, it has more than 3000 shops that gather millions of products.

When you enter this large mall, you will definitely be amazed by the variety of products, you can literally find anything you want from clothes, jewelry, Turkish desserts, spices, Coffee and Tea, antiques, carpets, small souvenirs, and many other products. In general, shopping in the Grand Bazaar is a little bit more expensive than other markets or malls but not very expensive, some other malls are more expensive than it. In any case, do ot worry because shopping at the Grand Bazaar is worth every cent you pay.

You can reach the Grand Bazaar by using Tramway Line from the nearest station to you toward Beyazit station, you will find the Grand Bazaar right next to the station.



The Spice Bazaar:


The Spice Bazaar is another famous market or small shopping mall in Istanbul. This Bazaar was the main place where traders who brought spices and food from China, India, or Egypt used to sell and exchange products with buyers.

Mainly and is obvious from its name, the Spice Bazaar offers both rare and famous spices that are used in all kinds of food in addition to the Turkish desserts in all of its types, Turkish Coffee, and Turkish Tea. You can also find some shops where to buy small souvenirs or boutiques to buy antiques.

You can reach the Spice Bazaar by using Tramway Line toward Eminonu station or by using one of the ferries that goes to Eminonu square if you are staying on the Asian side of Istanbul. The Spice Bazaar is right next to Eminonu Tramway station

Mall of Istanbul:

The Mall of Istanbul is probably one of the largest modern malls in Turkey. This mall contains more than 500 shops and more than 100 restaurants and it offers visitors a various options and products to purchase whether cheap, medium, and expensive high class products, you can find clothes, jewelry, beauty shops, boutiques, antique shops, electronics shops, furniture stores, a large cinema, and many other facilities

In addition, it has a very big entertaining area for both kids or adults where you can spend a happy and fun time.

While for the food floor, the Mall of Istanbul contains many restaurants whether fast food brands like BurgerKing and McDonalds, or high class restaurants and restaurants like Mado, big mamma’s or English house. You will definitely spend an entire day at this mall to finish it because it has a lot of things to see or activities to do.

You can reach the Mall of Istanbul using the Metro. If you are coming from Taksim you can use the Haciosman Metroline toward yenikapi and from Yenikapi take the M1 Metro line toward Otogar where you have to make an interchange to Bagcilar/Kirazli line and hit the road toward Ikitelli Sanayi station, you will find the Mall of Istanbul shuttle service to take you to the mall.
If you are not comfortable with using the metro, you can take a taxi from Taksim toward Mall of Istanbul and it will cost you something around 80 Turkish Lira which is approximately 15 USD.

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