Tattoos in Istanbul.


When you visit Istanbul, you will probably notice how tattoos are spread between young people in Istanbul, as a matter of fact, it doesn’t need much time to notice that i the main cities like Istanbul, Izmir, or Ankara. Tattoos have become ubiquitous among boys and girls of the city. It was not a common thing in Turkey before but day after day tattoo is spreading more and becoming a cool thing that represents youth and more people have tasted the bittersweet pain of the tattooists needle.

In Istanbul, tattoos are no longer reserve of bikers as it is usually, it is now for all types of people, whether you’re a biker, metalhead or a typical college student tattoo is something that is considered more as a fashion.
Of course, the more tattoos needed more tattoo artists are born but not all artists are good. In fact, only few artists were able to find their way in Istanbul and create a bright names for themselves. But all of this did not exist in late 90s, tattoo shops were extremely rare and hard to find in istanbul. ‘’ there were only fifteen tattoo artists when i started my career’’ said Budakan Tamer a Turkish famous artist. Now, tattoo shops are spread rapidly and almost more than hairdressers and mini-markets, this indicates to the rapid growth of tattoo business in Turkey.

According to çağatay ateş– one of the most respected and famous names in the business-, on of the main reasons that lead to such increase in demand was brought by an increase in awareness of word Tattoo. And the increase in awareness was because of the improvements in the technologies that facilitated needling for people in business which made everyone participate in this business.
Another reason that might have a direct impact is a demographic reason. According to EUROSTAT, the statistical office of European Union, Turkey is the youngest country in Europe and the median age of the population is 30.4 years in 2014. This is definitely a reason that has an impact.

With this growing numbers is business you can find a tattooist almost everywhere in istanbul, but here are some of the most famous and respected professionals in the field:

1- Savcı demirkol:
Located in Karakoy, Istanbul. Clean, organized, and very meticulous about his work. These are what differentiate savci from other artists.
Savci is specialized with Japanese tattoo designs, geometric and old school tattoo designs. He can spend hours on a tattoo to be done perfectly.
With this qualifications you expect to pay a lot but savci’s designs are relatively not too expensive.
Denizhan özkar:
Located in Istanbul, working side by side with his girlfriend who is not least experienced than him. He is one of the best hand tattoo artists in Turkey. Denizhan’s designs always stand out and amaze people with its original visual look not to mention that it is inspired by real stories. This mastering at work has brightened Denizhan name and made him a star in this business, people now can wait weeks to get a tattoo at his shop.

Biçem şınık:
Şınık is considered a lead of women in tattoo’s field in istanbul, that is because of her designs that amazed people and inspired other business colleagues. Her designs are unique and never repeated, she mastered dot works, line works, and always add feminal touch to her designs which helped her gaining this huge name in short amount of time.
Şınık takes care of details and control beauty in her works. Şınık is Denizhan’s girlfriend, and both are almost the biggest names in Turkey now.

Emrah özhan:
The founder of infamous parlour, his shop is  located in Moda neighborhood in Asian side of istanbul. Emrah’s experience is what pushed him to the top of this business famous artists list, and after many years of learning Emrah was able to create his own style that lead him to be famous inside and outside of Turkey. His designs combine between traditional and modern works and never repeated his work.
A tattoo at Ermah’s shop would definitely cost you a lot of money bt will leave a great smile on your face.
Okan Uçkun:
Third place winner at the Berlin Tattoo Convention. After starting in Eskeşehir town in 2008 he has made his way to istanbul and became more powerful and successful. His unique designs and impeccable techniques he was able to control over big part of market in Turkey.
Now, Okan is allowed to partake in collaboration with shops and studios all over Europe.

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